[New York] Sprinkles Cupcakes vs Georgetown Cupcakes  

One of my must-eat food in New York is cupcakes. On my last trip, I had 18 cupcakes in a week – that’s how obsessed I am with it. On this trip, however, I was more interested in trying out the non-NYC native bakeries: LA’s Sprinkles Cupcakes and Washington DC’s Georgetown Cupcakes. After trying three in 2 days, I conclude the following: Georgetown > Sprinkles > Magnolia Bakery.

Georgetown won hands down for its fluffy frosting and decent-sized cupcakes. Sprinkles’ cakes were just huge! While good – I got sick of it quickly plus it didn’t have a frosting that could trump Georgetown.


I got the S’mores cupcake. 

Loved the marshmallow frosting and super crumbly rich chocolate cake. But the graham cracker base was way too crumbly.   

Within contained a chocolate ganache that was rock hard. 

The infamous Cupcakes ATM machine.   

Georgetown cupcakes in SOHO 

After watching endless episodes of the TV show, DC Cupcakes, I have been dreaming about Georgetown for more than a year. It was so worth the wait. 



Got the Halloween Ghost special which was Double Chocolate. FANTASTIC! I could eat that rich fudgy and airy frosting alone. 


October special: Pumpkin Cheesecake ugh Caramel Frosting

To be honest I didn’t like the pumpkin cake – actually pumpkin-flavoured food in general. But that frosting… I still dream of it.   

A couple of days later, I got some in Boston for a friend – she loved it too!  

New York, you hold the best cupcakes! 


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