[Cambridge, Massachusetts] Flour Bakery + Cafe

After the Marathon, I made a side trip to Cambridge and Boston in the state of Massachusetts. Just a three hours train ride away on the Amtrak where free Wi-Fi and electrical output were provided. Cambridge was magical. Dreamily filled with fall leaves and warm people with smiles aplenty and sweet little gestures. I love Singapore wholeheartedly but I think of Cambridge constantly since being back for two weeks now.

Boston may not be as renowned as New York for its food but it bears no shortage of speculator eats. My favourite was Boston’s very own Flour Bakery + Café.


[Image from Spilling The Beans]

That Egg Sandwich. It has been two weeks and I am still thinking of Flour Bakery’s Breakfast Egg Sandwich. Flour might actually be the first place where I enjoyed the savoury more than the sweets. This sandwich I would gladly get out of bed for. 

Consisting of cheddar cheese, tomato, arugula, dijonaise, and a choice of ham or bacon. I went for the protein choice of Ham as American crispy bacon is still not my thing. The elements that rocked most were: the thick squared fried egg that was silky and slid around my mouth, and the sweet savoury dijonaise sauce. Not to mention, the sturdy yet pliable focaccia. I relished every bite.

You can’t visit Flour without staying for a sweet.

Flour is renowned for its Sticky Buns. Crazy famous since beating Bobby Flay in a Throwdown back in 2007. Like a true Asian who sustains on hot food, I got the bun heated up. What transpired was a glossy gooey pastry densely topped with little pieces of nuts. It looked all ready to take down my teeth and leave me a in a hopeless sugar coma. But I was fully-prepared for sugar onslaught. I just ran 42km the day before, ain’t no sugar gonna bring me down.

Drama aside, the bun was made from a brioche dough at its fluffy best while its topping was a calculated mix of butter, salt, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, and pecans. It ended up being anticlimactic. The sweetness was so tapered down my dramatic prep became embarrassing. I thought I was going to pass out from the legendary American sweetness but no. Texturally fabulous, this bun was as glorious as acclaimed.

My friend and Cambridge resident got two sweets. A rich fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake and another popular item, the hulky slice of  Banana Bread. Both sent us to Heaven.

I liked Flour Bakery a lot. While it has three locations, its bakes still exudes hominess. Upon stepping into the bakery, I got all comfortable and promptly stayed for the next two hours. If I ever move to Cambridge, Flour Bakery and I will be two peas in a pod.  

Flour Bakery- Central Square
190 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA 02139 


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