[Boston & New York] Shake Shack


Shack Shack needs no introduction. Created by revered New York restaurateur Danny Meyer, it has 41 U.S. outlets and more 29 overseas franchises from cities Dubai to Tokyo. Hard to believe it began from a from a humble burger stand in Madison Square Park. Shake Shack may be a fast-food joint but once you have tried it, you will never lump it with McDonalds or Burger King. It’s all about quality, baby. 

Another amazing fact of Shack. It has the ability to command people to queue for hours just to get their hands on their signature ShackBurgers (flavor-packed beef patties served on squishy Martin’s potato rolls and wrapped in nostalgia-triggering wax paper) or hot dogs (Chicago-style or with beer-marinated shallots and cheese sauce). Plus do you know even a running club has spanned from their burgers too? Shack Track and Field: meet up, run 5km and end off with burger from an outlet. Amazing!

Shake Shack may be from New York City but my first #shackperience was in Cambridge, MA at Harvard Square. The queues in the New York outlets are legendary and no New Yorker-friend of mine was willing to queue with me.


When you walk into the outlet, a huge wall featuring their extensive menu greets you.

Shack doesn’t just specialize in burgers and hotdogs, it also well-known for its Frozen Custards. One type and featured prominently on social media are its Concretes: frozen custards blended with mix-ins that are totally unique to the location.

Behold my first ever #shackperience. I will never forget this moment for I felt accomplished. I held off any opportunity to experience Shack (Covent Garden, London) until I was in America. This picture still brings fond memories of the moment and joy this tray was placed before me. The smell was unforgettable.

My friends and I got two types of burgers: Smokeshack (cheese burger with bacon) and Shack Stack (cheese burger with a ‘Shroom Burger). Cheese crinkles fries and a Concrete only available in Boston: Lobstah Shell (vanilla custard, lobster tail pastry shell from Boston’s North End, strawberry puree and ricotta cream.)

WAH you guys, this Shack Stack (cheese burger with a ‘Shroom Burger) was the bomb!!! The potato roll bun was excellent but the magic came from the deep-fried portobello mushroom “patty”. Consisting of two Portobello mushrooms sandwiched with cheese and deep-fried, when you bit into it, hot melted cheese oozes out…    

Like this! Fabuloussssss.


[Picture not taken by me because I was too busy eating. From here.] 

It was a delicious dinner. Days later my friend and I were still harping on about the hulky burger.

One of the most exciting part of Shack is its ever-evolving menu which are also customized to the respective locations. Sure, it has its classics, its mainstays. But at certain locations, they have specials not found in others. Like a ChickenShack burger found only in Brooklyn. You bet it was the first thing I thought of when I got off the ferry in DUMBO! 

My friends were so game for it when I mentioned the ChickenShack burger was available at the outlet right in front of us. Before I knew it, we were queuing for a fried chicken burger. For our high tea. It was all fate. The queue was so short but after we got our burgers, it extended to the main door.


This is what we came for…

Then I saw this and can’t say no to a popular Brooklyn pie bakery, Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

That fried chicken breast was juiccyyyyyyyy. Just for US$6.29, it was a winner in our books. We could not get over how the breast part could be so moist.

The Brooklyn Pie Oh My Concrete was vanilla custard blended with salted caramel apple pie. I really must say, of the Shack menu, the Concrete is the only underwhelming/ overrated item. The two concretes I tried were just a melted vanilla ice cream with some form of super sweet mix-in. They tasted flat. There are better sinful treats in Manhattan.  

My life changed after experiencing my first Shack Burger. It is hard to believe something so affordable could taste so fresh and so good! My favourite burgers in Singapore are from PS Café and Potato Head Folks but they are at least S$20 each. At Shack, I got the biggest and priciest burger on the menu for  US$9.95 and it was soooo satisfying! ❤ Shake Shack

Shake Shack Harvard Square 92 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States

Shake Shack DUMBO 1 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States


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