[New York] Amy’s Bread: That Devil’s Cake! 

Amy’s Bread is a well-known American bakery with three branches in Manhattan. Due to other more highly-reviewed bakeries like Dominique Ansel, I never placed Amy’s Bread high on my bucket list. On my last day in New York, the Greenwich Village branch was just around the corner from my brunch cafe. After a fairly-ok New York brunch, my friend and I visited Amy’s for desserts. Amy’s Bread specializes in sweet bakes. It’s amazing how just desserts alone one can expand to six outlets(!) 

The exterior of Amy’s resembled a classic American bakery: all warm and inviting with its gold and blue colour scheme. Inside there were trays after trays of cupcakes, brownies, blondies, baked nut bars, sticky cinnamon buns, scones, croissant, muffins… Essentially, a sugar bomb. Again, their thriving business from mainly desserts amazes me.

The classic American Red Velvet Cake was not available so we chose the two next best: Definitely Devil’s Food Cake and Carrot Cake (each slice US$5.25). Shortly after placing our order. Two monstrous slices of cakes arrived before us with a plastic fork jabbed into it.

It was the Definitely Devil’s Food Cake that had me had at Hello! Comprising of two layers of moist bittersweet chocolate sponges that was texturally perfect: fluffy and tender. But it was the chocolate frosting that won me over. Thick, silky and so chocolate-y, it felt like I was drinking a shot of chocolate at every bite. Decadence at every bite.  

I regretted not taking a better photo before this bite.

Can’t say the same about the Carrot Cake. It was the classic case of too much ingredients. The sponges were so packed that it lost the tender sponge quality that I so adore in cakes. But the cream cheese frosting was a smooth tangy goodness.

The two mammoth slices were worth it for US$5.25 each. We couldn’t manage and midway through, gave up. I left Amy’s Bread with a tiny pang of regret at not discovering this place earlier. They have a lot of cakes that look equally devilish! 

Amy’s Bread @ The Village

250 Bleecker Street
at Leroy Street
New York, NY 10014

Tel   212.675.7802
Fax  212.675.7831Hours
Mon – Fri   7:00am – 9pm
Sat – Sun   7:30am – 9pm


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