[New York & Boston] Juice Generation, Liquiteria & Cocobeet Juice Bars

The trend of superfoods is slowly growing in Singapore. Just the past two years alone, a slew of cold-pressed juice bars and acai bowl cafes have sprout up in speeds quicker than our bowels take to digest them. Before my trip to the USA, I was so excited to visit the country which made superfood big. If not for America, these South American foods will never be known to us. Superfoods in America are light years ahead of Singapore. In fact the numbers of outlets per brand shows: it is not a trend, it is a way of life. I visited three such places during my trip. In all places I observed customers from different backgrounds getting their juices and ultra-healthy bakes so casually. Juice bars appealed to a lot of Americans.

Despite its commonplace, what surprised me most during my visits was how expensive they were! Nut mylks and smoothies cost around US$9.75 for a bottle. Acai bowls cost at least US$10 each. It was there I learnt that fad food everywhere, around the world, is price inelastic. Plus to my horror, thanks to the transparency culture of printing the menu with calories, all were very high in calories!

Juice Generation

My first visit to a superfood chain was Juice Generation. This New York-based Juice and Smoothie bar has 15 outlets(!) around the city since it opened in 1999. It even has a book. The  Upper West outlet I visited was small and cosy. Inside, a whole row of fridge storing juices of all kind and at the counter, super healthy bakes. I got a PB Acai Bowl (banana, omega-3-, peanut butter, strawberries, cacao nibs, almond milk, hemp granola) for US$10.95 and a dark bottle of Activated Protein Nut Mylk (raw almonds, raw hemp- seeds, dates, vanilla bean, alkaline water and activated- charcoal) for US$9.95. The PB Acai Bowl contained a whopping 670cal and the 454ml nut mylk, 480 calories. Ouch!

Calories aside, the acai bowl was not bad in taste and extremely filling. However the only dominant flavour was the banana. If you don’t like bananas, good luck! The crunchy hemp granola prevented it from becoming texturally-monotonous. The Nut Mylk was just normal in taste. Unmemorable. Needless to say, I never returned.  

More information and list of outlets to be found on their website.


I did, however, visit another New York-native juice bar: Liquiteria, in Boston. Opened in 1996, this bar has morphed into a chain. I got a Acai Parfait from its Cambridge branch. The Acai Parfait contained acai blended with strawberries, almond butter, peanut butter, vanilla almond milk then topped off with blueberries, bananas, strawberries & flax seeds.

This time without blended with bananas, this tasted of strawberry ice-cream. Other than that, I do not quite remember the taste. Never returned.

More information and list of outlets to be found on their website.

Boston-native Cocobeet may only have one branch but I liked this juice bar the most due to its branding and packaging. Plus it offered more delicious products like raw Pumpkin Pie and Chia porridge. Its Nut Mylk options were aplenty! I got the Blue Coconut Nut Mylk (Blueberry, Homemade Almond Mylk, Dates, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds) for US$9.75 as it was purple in colour and the prettiest! The flavour was good. The blueberry and coconut were all decipherable. I certainly enjoyed this.


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