Clinton Street Baking Co: 3 months on 

It has been almost three months since New York bakery/ cafe, Clinton Street Company, landed on our sunny shores and wowed a legion of carb-phobes. With those drop-dead-fluffy pancakes and maple french butter, we never looked back and resigned to bat-winged arms.

Since it opened on 26th September, I have visited the bakery three times. I love this place. It is also the only brunch spot I am willing to fork out good money for. When my relatives from Hong Kong visited, I knew they had to visit Clinton Street for it would be a completely different experience from the usual hawker fare in Singapore and I was sure, unseen in Hong Kong too. Sure enough my relatives were amazed by Clinton Street. When our orders arrived, my Uncle was so impressed, he asked if there was similar joints in HK. Unfortunately my Aunt could not recall. On a personal note, I was keen to return to Clinton Street and gauge its progress three months on. You see, I firmly believe that F&B scene in Singapore is highly unstable and undependable. It is almost certain that in due course standards will drop and stellar places just become mediocre.

On my fourth visit to Clinton Street, I am happy to announce that most of the dishes still maintained their high standard albeit with some letdowns (namely, their sweet pies). To start, we ordered the Farmer’s Plate with a side of Buttermilk Biscuit for my Uncle who didn’t share my Aunt and my sweet tooth. My Aunt woke up asking for pancakes so I got a combo: Banana Walnut with Blueberry. For me, the Brioche French Toast I have come to prefer to the pancakes. 

The Banana Walnut Bluberry Pancakes was still a stunner. The blueberry compote seemed thicker than my earlier visits and that was just fine. However unlike before, the pancakes did not contain as much bananas as before. As such not as fragrant. Textually it was quite good and my Aunt was super taken. She was moping up the butter syrup like no other.  

I, on the other hand, was in lurrrvveeee with the Brioche French Test. Fluffy to the max! The huge thick slices of toast were amazing on its own but when paired with the caramelized bananas, addictive! My Uncle and I were just killing this! I would return to Clinton Street just for this.

The Farmer’s Plate comprised of many savoury components that were tasty but not exceptional. I did enjoy the fluffy scrambled eggs. As a side, there was a huge buttermilk biscuit that arrived wonderfully warm. Sadly it was too dry and required the fluffy eggs to prevent it from sticking to our tongue.   

I can’t visit Clinton without getting their Peanut Butter Icebox Pie plus also in season a slice of their Pecan Pie. Unfortunately both were a letdown with the PB icebox pie being the most disappointing of the afternoon.

Look at the slice we were served this morning…

and the one I had three months ago… 


The most significant absence this afternoon was the crust, or lack thereof. Sad as the sweet crunchy crust was the best part of the pie.

 The Pecan Pie was too dry.

While there were hits and misses at Clinton Street Co, I really must point out the amazing service that I receive on every single visit. Every staff is simply accommodating, efficient and downright friendly. Kudos to the cafe for this alone. Special thanks to them for turning up the fan right above us when we were boiling while eating the pancakes.


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