5 Most Glorious Savouries of 2015

It is that time again to reflect upon the best eats of the year. First thank you for accompanying me throughout the year. My pictures haven’t always been that great and sharp, the amateur writing could have be better too but you stuck with me and I cannot be more grateful.

The five meals  listed below changed the year of 2015 for me. I travelled a lot this year and in each country, I had a favourite (Gontran Cherrier Bakery in Seoul, Sate Kanayan in Jakarta, and Cronut in New York City.) Thus narrowing down to just five, including eats in Singapore, was extremely difficult but it had to be done. So without further ado, presenting my five tastiest meals of 2015! 

5. SPR MRKT’s Catering

SPR MRKT made me very popular in the office in 2015. Their catering menu spread always varied and impressive. The service simply excellent. Some crowd favourites include: The Dry Laksa (my personal favourite), Crayfish Rolls, Fish & Chips (especially when they came in individual bags), Fried Chicken, and their legendary SPRMini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce.

4. Ssäm’s Salad


Located in Marina Bay Link Mall, Ssäm gives a whole new meaning to the rabbit-food-sounding, “salad”. Their pork belly and shoulder stew with generous cubes of crackling to contrast with the soft pork never fails to make me feel sorry whenever the Tupperware is emptied. Other proteins are similarly always well-seasoned and bursting with flavours! Plus varying condiments keeps every bite exciting. Ssam has never disappointed. What a gem of a find!

3. Sate Khas Senayan


Oh wow oh wow! How I swiftly fell in love with Indonesian food after a visit to a branch of this popular chain in Jakarta! From the amazing variety of Indonesian salad that stretches far beyond Gado Gado to their juicy meaty satay that was nowhere close to the fatty ones we will find in Singapore, I left this place renewed! It was an unforgettable meal.

3. Duck Egg Penang Char Kway Teow

I never blogged about this (for laziness reasons) but in February I made a short trip to Penang to attend a friend’s wedding. There I discovered Penang Char Kway Teow fried with duck eggs. It was a revelation and definitely one of my top best eats of the year. With the addition of duck eggs, the Char Kway Teow became undeniably more full-bodied and rich. A distinct aroma I will never forget. Since then I have been trying to find raw duck eggs in Singapore but to no avail. Till the next time in Penang!

2. Char’s Char Siew


Until early May when I tried Char’s version of Char Siew, I never truly understand the roasted pork’s appeal. Then at a yacht party when a friend brought 800g of Char’s Char Siew, I never looked back. Since then I will only eat Char Siew that has a dark caramelized crust with a sticky sweet sauce (the most common type being the revolting-red-dyed version.) (Editor’s note: just found out it’s the Malaysian type!) Not a lot of places serve up this type of Char Siew. I found this type of Char Siew at my epic weekend dim sum brunch at Mitzo. The Malaysian type, sticky honeyed Char Siew was my second favourite find of 2015. 

1. Keng Eng Kee: Tze Char Heaven


In April, my maidan visit to KEK was nothing short of a eye-opener then revelation. How is possible that every dish was first-bite Magic. Testament to its high quality, months later I visited KEK and again, every dish was splendid! KEK is a pure gem in our Singapore dining scene. Definitely one of the best eateries we have and my best meal of 2015. 

2015, you were fab but cheers to more adventures and new findings in 2016!  


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