5 Most Glorious Sweets of 2015

2015 was a sweet year. It was the year I tasted texturally-fabulous croissants and doughnuts, delved head-on into the soft-serve craze, and later in the year, gobbled down a whole lot of pancakes. My sweet tooth went into overdrive right from the start of the year. I may have gained a bit of weight but there was no doubt each of these sweets were worth the calories and queues! Out of the five, I queued for three of them with the top two for an hour each. The things I would do to get some sugar in me… No regrets for it only taught me the best things in life are worth waiting for.

5. Chocolat & Spice’s Tarts


Whoever knew this hawker stall famous for their muffins also offers tarts good enough to rival pastries offered in cafes?! Chocolat and Spice’s Tarts were my first amazing discovery of 2015 and they were so value-for-money at $3.50 each. From that day on, I always looked at Shunfu Market dreamily whenever I drove past plotting when to order the tarts again.

4. Gontran Cherrier Bakery’s Croissant


Back in April, on a trip to Seoul, I came across Coex Mall in Gangnum and my research findings showed a Gontran Cherrier Bakery was tucked within the basement. After reading so much – especially how it is better than Tiong Bahru Bakery (Gontran’s collaboration with Spa Espirit Group Singapore) – you bet I raced to find the bakery. Together with my best friend, we painstakingly narrowed down to five pastries. The best was the Croissant. Stunningly buttery and a flake-master, it was the first croissant that made me laud the French’s expertise. It may have been so simple but I never craved for any flavouring. I was contended just to revel in its straight-foward goodness.

3. Speculoos Sauce


2015 may have been the year I fell madly in love with the cookie sauce. It all began from delving into our nation’s present craze for soft-serves but a cup ain’t worth the calories unless there was Speculoos sauce drizzled on it. I cannot imagine a cup of Llao Llao without a good lashing of the cookies sauce. Similarly my first ever parfait from Hvala Waffle bar was so good thanks to the perfect marriage of cookies sauce and vanilla soft-serve. One of my favourite cakes of the year also happened to contain a lot of speculoos butter: Lynn’s Cakes Triple Chocolate Speculoos Cake. The generous drizzle of rich speculoos sauce with more crunchy sauce sandwiched between rich fudgy chocolate layers made it an unforgettable cake! Speculoo Sauce, you made my year!

2. Clinton Street Baking Company’s Brioche French Toast

In three months I visited this bakery thrice! I love it. The only place in Singapore I am willing to fork out money for Brunch. Their legendary pancakes first left me in awe but when I had their Brioche French Toast on my second visit, I never looked back. If you thought the pancakes were fluffy, you haven’t had the French Toast. You can bounce a pecan nut on it! I really hope the standard of the french toast will remain as dreamy in 2016. 


1. Dominique Ansel’s Cronut

Hands down the most incredible sweet I had for the year. After reading much about the Cronut, tasted several badly-copied ones (*cough* Da Paolo *cough*), scoring this sacred croissant doughnut hybrid felt like I had achieved a monumental feat! The best part was that it lived up to the hype. The texture of the pastry was unparalleled. It bounced away as I took my first bite. Ahhh-mah-zzzzing!!!!


2015 was simply delicious! Sure, wasn’t the healthiest but my belly was satisfied. May 2016 be filled with more stunning sweets. Cheers. Thank you for reading, everyone! ❤


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