The Annual CNY Feast @ 8ALK

Two years back I posted about an epic CNY feast at my Mum’s BFF’s place. It is a yearly tradition to find tables of food waiting for us upon arrival. I missed blogging about the house visit last year. No doubt nursing a food coma. This year the feast took place last night. You bet I prepped months for this! Come see what my Aunt prepared this year… There is really no limit to her generosity. For example, table no. 1:

A spread of sliced up, unpeeled fruits (the sweet mangoes were particularly hard to resist), kueh lapis and traditional Chinese yam and carrot cakes with XO sauce. Not forgetting TONS of CNY cookies. One has to hold up as much as possible because there is table no. 2 which is also the table for us to sit but the gigantic plate of Yu Sheng awaits us…


Then we adj0urn to table no. 3…


Most are catered but the best are the homemade ones and our favourites: Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with braised pork trotters and…

White Clam Noodles in broth with sides of condiments to help yourselves. We are particularly fond of the fried fish fillet. 

My one bowl of the evening. Age is catching on. I used to go for seconds. Btw the chilli is also homemade and simply superb!

These Guo Tie and thing slices of Pork Belly in some savoury brown sauce made a repeat appearance. They are from Liu San (刘三阁台湾小吃) in Bukit Timah plaza and were delicious!

To be frank, I have no idea what this shallot-laden eggplant dish is but it was savoury, well-seasoned and I liked it.      

Actually we were here for one dish. Aunt’s very own and unrivalled, Budhha Jump Over the Wall. The pièce de résistance.

This year there was a sassy acronym to accompany it: BUJOW. Simmered for hours, three pots of rich thick stock comprised of a medley of premium ingredients. More abalone then one body can contain. You will be applauded if you can afford a second bowl. 

But my Aunt is not quite done here. Table no. 3 was this pot of thick Bird’s Nest and Red Dates Soup. I like to think my skin this morning felt particularly taut just from one bowl. 


Then tucked away in the corner was a Waffle and Gelato Bar! Get out of town!

Four flavours were available: Honey Lavender (no thank you), Mao Shan Wang (yesss amazing!), Earl Grey (nice) but the best was Chocolate. All were surprisingly devoid of iciness. The smooth, creamy texture ensured we went for seconds. Bliss.  

Alluring fresh waffles called out to me… Busted my calorie limit since Table No. 1 so who cares for a thousand more calories… 

Another year, another epic feast. So worth the early wake-up call to work out this morning. Let the planning for next year begin… Thank you Auntie CM.

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