Chalk Farm Cakes

Just a week to my birthday but the celebrations have began! For the first celebratory lunch with my family, we headed to Paragon for Sunday’s lunch. First we had Sushi Tei (the warm Yakiniku salad is my newest obsession. The special Kaboucha & Cheese – Pumpkin and Cheese – Croquette was so good!) then we headed down to Starbucks for coffee and cakes from Chalk Farm! This was the exact combination I requested last Friday morning. Initially it was Tze Char at Keng Eng Kee but the thought of another rich meal in the midst of all the Chinese New Year feasting made me nauseous. All I craved for Sushi Tei’s warm salad and a assortment of cakes from Chalk Farm. 

Yesterday’s assortment of cakes was the highlight of the afternoon. This would be my family’s second attempt at Chalk Farm’s cakes. On our first attempt we were highly unimpressed; the Sesame layered cake was unforgettably disappointing. However my opinion changed last week when my colleagues got their Dark Chocolaee Olive Oil cake. At room temperature the superb texture and good quality chocolate was undeniable. My colleague also raved about the Carrot Whiskey Sultana Cake and it has been on my craving list since.

On Sunday, we got two slices of the Carrot Whiskey Sultana Cake, Sea Salt Macademia Nut Cupcake (as the sliced cake version wasn’t available), a slice of Coffee Walnut Cake, and a slice of Sugee (for my Mum for she isn’t a Western dessert girl). 

My favourite of the afternoon has got to be Chalk Farm’s version of the Carrot cake for texture was superb! Fluffy sponge with large strips of carrots with fat sultanas – every element was spot-on!


I foresee myself getting the whole slab for a party! 

The others were good too. We finished up everything. The Sugee slice was so almond-y! Akin to the Chinese almond jelly dessert – my Mum liked it. The coffee-game in the Coffee Walnut was strong but it was the smooth fluffy buttercream that made me reach for it again and again. Overall our cakes from Chalk Farm made for a wonderful start to the birthday celebrations. In the words of The Terminator: I’ll Be Back!

Chalk Farm can be found at the following locations:

290 Orchard Road Paragon #B1-K24
Singapore 238859

(P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I paid $22/$25 for the above)


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