Maze Soba from Ippudo Express @ Terminal 3 Transit

 Did you know there is an Ippudo Express in the Airport’s Terminal 3 transit area? When I first started work in the airport at the start of the year, my colleagues harped on about it but it never interest me. I am not a fan of ramen. The high-sodium, high-carb dish makes me feel like a whale thereafter. However when I saw an unusual non-soup based ramen on the menu, Maze Soba, and colleagues saying it was good, I gave it a try. Boy, was it GOOD! Sure, it was a high carb bowl of noodles but it was very filling. At 5pm, after eating the bowl at 11am, not a hint of hunger pang felt.

The Maze Soba bowl consists of cubes of pork belly slices, minced pork, and fried grated potato topped with a runny egg and tossed in Ippudo’s special sauce. One has to break the yolk and mix everything up. This can be quite a task for the noodles are heavy! But the noodles were cooked to QQ-perfection! With the savoury, well-seasoned sauce, so addictive.  I inhaled this bowl. 

  It was however not perfect. The server cautioned me that it will be a spicy dish. Not really, I would have liked more heat. Still a good bowl and well-worth a return for days when there are no social gatherings. This bowl alone surely bursts anyone’s carb limit for the day.

Ippudo Ramen Express

#02-K3 (Departure/Transit Lounge South) at Changi Airport, Terminal 3, tel: 6241-1591. Open daily, 6am-1am.


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