[Kyoto] Kichi Kichiキチキチ: Omu Rice Show and Great Food!

I am very sure many of you have watched the video of Chef Yukimura Motokichi slice an omelette for an omu rice with ease with soft egg spilling all over. If you haven’t, here you go:


The show may be good but do you know that the food is equally, if not better, than the show?! That’s what we found out on our first evening in Kyoto. Kichi Kichi is a teeny tiny western restaurant in a small alley off Pontocho Alley in Gion. Helmed by a one man chef Yukimura Motokichi, this place sits up to only 8 pax and reservation is a must. Don’t bother arriving early once you have made a reservation, they will turn you away, like us.

The menu is short and there is only one kind of Omurice on the menu: Fuwa fuwa no Sakasa Omurice  (loosely translated as “inverse omelette rice”) and one gets to choose between half rice portion (1350 yen) or full (2500 yen). There are also a few western main dishes  on the menu such as beef stew, chicken cutlet and croquettes. I cannot highly recommend the Beef Stew enough. YOU MUST GET IT.

From the counter, one can see everything that goes into the rice and the Chef will be there explaining and demonstrating. He is a charismatic one and clearly loves entertaining. The rice for the omu rice is pre-cooked. He fries up raw chicken cubes with a ton of chopped up onions, edamame, and mushrooms. Then he throws in the rice which he had microwaved and flips the mixture like a champion ensuring the fried rice will be light. He places the fried chicken rice on the plate with a mold.

The mold ensures the shape of the rice mixture before the omelette goes on it.

Then he prepares the omelette and places it neatly on the rice.

Using a sharp knife, he slices the omelette  into half without hesitation and out spills glorious soft, semi-molten egg lava. Oh how the egg flowed around the rice! To which he generously ladles the secret brown Demi-glacé sauce before scattering some chives for the finishing touch.

Wah Lar! Kichi Kichi’s legendary Omurice ready to be indulged.  

The deliciousness surprised me! First I never knew below the egg was fried chicken rice so that was a bonus. With the demi-glaze and fluffy fried rice, it all came together with well harmonised contrasting textures and well-seasoned components. Worth the hype!! Then our protein was served… 

A colleague insisted the Beef Stew must be ordered and although it was pricey, it was for good reason. It was so darn gooodddddddd. The glistening beef cubes literally melted in our mouths!!! OMG which part of the beef did he use?! I still haven’t figured out. With the thick brown sauce, my gf and I were practically hyperventilating over the texture of the beef! So good so good so good. YOU MUST ORDER THIS!

Kichi Kichi is a must-go in Kyoto. Good show and delicious food! We definitely got our omu rice fix satiated and more. Make your reservation on the user-friendly form on their website with prompt replies from the restaurant. 

Kichi Kichi ザ・洋食屋 キチキチ

185-4 Zaimokuchō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto 604-8017, Japan
Nearest Station : 京阪三条駅 (keihan sanjyou)
Lunch 12pm-2pm (Only for Sat/Sun/PH)
Dinner 5pm-9pm 
Reservations can be made online here

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