[Kyoto] Saryo Tsujiri: A Cherry Blossom Parfait

Confession: I had an ice cream parfait for breakfast. However you must know that now that I am back home, my Greek Yogurt breakfasts have resumed. While I am trying my best to ingest the tangy yogurt, I am daydreaming of this behemoth glass of Spring ice cream parfait from Saryo Tsujiri.

Saryo Tsujiri is one of the best dessert shops in Kyoto. Please note it is not the same Tsujiri as the one in Singapore. Their logos are different.

Kyoto’s Saryo Tsujiri tsujiri-kyoto-isetan-l Singapore’s Tsujiri 313_tsujiri20tea20house20logo

Having said that, you have tried Singapore’s Tsujiri and its Green Tea soft-serve, you KNOW a good Green Tea tastes different. Back in Kyoto, parfaits are everywhere. Especially in Gion when one can find cheap ones for less than 1,000 yen. To make my calories count, I knew my parfait had to be a good one. Not run of the mill ones. A quick Instagram search showed Saryo Tsujiri at Kyoto station served beautiful parfaits. We headed there.

Located on the 6th floor of JR Kyoto Isetan, the cafe also has an amazing view of the city! Their menu contained pages of green tea, ice-cream parfaits but something caught my eye. A little advertisement about a Spring special! I did not understand the Japanese write-up but it was a pretty pink parfait with lots of cherry blossoms elements. At 1,399.68 yen including tax (S$17.28), it was mine.

Sure, Gion Tsujiri’s Spring Parfait was not cheap but it was huge and heavy! Do people eat this as a dessert?! This was a meal in itself? Let me try my best to recount the elements: Green tea & Houjicha (roasted green tea) Castella Cakes, bright green tea mousse studded with pink cubes of strawberry(?), Red Bean whipped cream, scoops of Sakura and Green Tea ice cream, Green Tea and Hojicha jelly, and a Green Tea Chocolate Crunch Cookie. Phew! 

When I took my first bite, WOW! This was one crazy delicious parfait!!! Somehow, given the three dominant flavours (Green Tea, Houjicha and Sakura), they melded together and tasted like they were meant to be together! The quality of the elements deserve a mention. The texture of the castella cakes were so tender and there were some strong earthy Green Tea and Houjicha flavours. Then you have hints of sweetness and floral from the sakura ice-cream. The red bean cream provided another unexpected flavour. Plus slippery textures from the jellies. There was a lot going on!

Every bite tasted as different as the next- very exciting. I liked this parfait and I kept digging down for a different experience. At the bottom of the glass was MORE Green Tea ice cream! Yeah, it was a feat to finish this cup. And I should have bought the Green tea castella cakes from this shop as non-honeyed ones were hard to come by elsewhere unless one makes a trip to Matcha Heaven, Uji. This parfait in Kyoto was unforgettable. Since Kyoto, my love for Green Tea has grown fonder. Second confession of the day: I’m still googling green tea parfaits since being back in the hopes of reliving Tsujiri… 

Saryo Tsujiri


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