Ginza Kushi-Katsu: Holy Beef Katsu! 

During my trip to Japan recently, my girlfriends and I failed TWICE to eat a famous Beef Katsu place. We wanted it so badly as Japanese fried beef wasn’t available in Singapore. Each time we visited the famed-Shibuya shop, we were only met with long queues or were told to wait two hours. Insane. Back in Singapore, last week I was flipping through the papers when I saw BEEF KATSU HAS ARRIVED IN SINGAPORE!!! Even better, in the more centrally-located PARAGON. Yessssss!!!! 

I tried Ginza Kushi-Katsu tonight and my conclusion: expensive but OH SO GOOD! My love for a good piece of steak was rejuvenated! I am definitely returning. For my date with myself, I got an ala carte U.S. Angus Beef Katsu. There is an Australian beef option too. It’s cheaper. Then choose your desired portion: 180g or the lady-friendly-portion of 90g. I chose the latter which set me back S$30++. Despite the lack of rice, soup or dessert, the Katsu steak was accompanied by a free flow of cabbage and a scoop of potato salad so I was still filled up. The plate of beef arrived extremely-rare-looking but that’s because you can cook it to your own desired doneness.   

I love my medium-rare steak so I just scorched each piece lightly. ALSO make sure the separate hot plate is well-heated up by waiting a while after the candle has been lit. Occupy yourself with the cabbage. Then use the lemon provided to squeeze on the plate. If it sizzles, time to cook your beef.   

The beefy flavor was made even more pronounced by the touch of heat. Absolute delightful!!! I was so satisfied that at the end, I didn’t even crave for my usual- dessert. I wanted the taste of that good piece of beef to remain as long as possible in my mouth. Can’t wait to return to Ginza Kushi-Katsu! 

Details of the restaurant can be found here. It is just opposite Din Tai Fung and replaces the ramen shop.   


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