Back at Slake Bar + Kitchen

When I like a place, you can be sure I will frequent it until I get sick of it and find a new place to obsess over. An example would be Bedrock Bar  & Grill where I frequented the steakhouse 11 times in two years. These days, my obsession is with Slake Bar + Kitchen. You may have read of my visit last week which left me pandering for more. After that dinner, immediately I set up a social gathering with old friends at Slake the following week. On my second visit, Slake managed to blow me away again! I discovered new favourites. Now I pray the rental jerk-up curse, commonly seen in the Singapore F&B industry, do not befall upon them for I hope for more Slake fix.

The dish that blew us away for the evening was the appetizer, Honey Butter Wings ($12). Delightfully slathered in a sweet honey sauce, the crunchy batter was remarkably light and made tearing away from the juicy flesh an easy job. Fingers sticky and the crunchy batter, it was easy to remember how these deep-fried wings found their way into our hearts. Three girls easily polished off a bowl of six wings. We could not get enough of and ordered a second bowl.

Our perennial favourite Beef Rendang Nachos ($19/$30) was even better this time around, I swear. We were all over the thick and fragrant beef rendang sauce that tasted like it was made by an experienced Malay Auntie in the kitchen. I swear you can only get as good ones from Nasi Padang stalls. Plus the sauce was perfect for using the large and thick home-made tortilla chips to scoop up. Yeah you will be as sad when this plate finishes.

It was the end of a long week for us four so the weekday-only-special MOoday Beef Platter ($99) was totally warranted. Consisting of one portion Gula Melaka Glazed Beef Short-rib, two portions of the Slow Cooked Roast Beef (that would have cost us $39 and $58 respectively), and the Beef Rendang Nachos (above), we saved a total of $17. If you love a good dose of haemoglobin, this set is perfect for you.    

I was most keen on the Beef Short-rib after trying the gorgeous Roast beef earlier. Unfortunately it was a tad disappointing with the well-done meat. However the meat around the bone were so tender, I forgave them. Plus the slow cooked roast beef was spot-on cooked to medium-rare!

We ate like pigs last night. Despite the dishes above, we craved for more. Behold Sweet Potato Fries ($9) that was so goddamn crispy and addictive, I nearly passed out. The entire time us girls were moving this bucket away from us to either side of the table as when placed in front of us, we could not stop grabbing and dipping into the paprika aioli. Dangerous to the waistline, you have been forewarned.  

Despite my disappointment with the desserts last week, we could not resist ending our meal with something sweet. If not for Baker & Cook further down the road closing early at 10pm, we would have happily decamped and grabbed slices of their cakes. We made do with the ones in Slake and ordered all three of their desserts. My favourite of them all, the Apple and Waterchestnut Pie with Bacon Caramel ice cream (supplementary $1) was still the best with its crisp and buttery rough puff pastry and generous filling. Plus the Bacon Caramel ice cream was nowhere near icy and a harmony of sweet savoury goodness. However I still believe the other two desserts: Brownie and Sticky Date Pudding could be improved with better quality dates for a strong date flavour and a richer, more chocolatey brownie. In this day and age, with the internet and food channels, there is no excuse for poorly-executed classics.

With the savouries, Slake was did not fail to impress. Quiet and comfortable with impressive food, great service and opens till late, I cannot highly recommend this neighborhood spot enough.

SLAKE Bar + Kitchen
Address : 15 Swan Lake Avenue, 455711
Website :
Facebook :
Instagram : @slakesingapore
Tel : 6243 6220
Operating Hour : 11:30am  –  2:30pm, 6:00pm  –  11:00pm (Mon – Fri), 6:00pm  –  Late (Sat) 


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