Meat Smith: Serious Meat Game

Smokehouse, Meat Smith, has got some serious meat game going on. Serving up Texan grilled meat, it is the closest Singaporeans here will get to Southern American barbecue unless one buys a plane ticket there and bothers with the air travel. My best friend and I had a good time at Meat Smith last night for we lucked out. Despite blog reviews of inconsistencies, all of our orders were executed well. Crucially our two orders of grilled meat were incredibly juicy and consistently fork-tender throughout the meat. 

However I did have a big gripe with Meat Smith: the little veggies accompanying the meat lacked acidity. Pickled veg would be perfect to cut the heaviness of the meat which got monotonous after a while. Will I return to Meat Smith? Only if they have a crazy good Special for the day like last night. Just the grilled meat alone will not be enough to lure me back.  Here’s what we had:

We began with the Smoked Meat Croquette: Gribiche, Rocket ($10) Smoky and savoury. So. Very. Delicious. 

For our main course, we shared two grilled meat dishes and a carb: the special.

Unequivocally for both of us, the most fantastic bite of the evening turned out to be the day’s Special: Pumpkin Bread French Toast, Foie Gras Torchón & Smoked Maple. Buttery pumpkin bread that may not be fluffy but the denseness reminded me of a delicious butter cake. The “toast” might have been engulfed in sweet maple syrup but the savoury foie gras mixture atop was simply breathtaking. A perfect harmony of sweet savouriness. We could not help ourselves but clean plate this in no time. If this is available when you are there, get it.

Meat Smith’s highly acclaimed Brisket was three slabs of 365 day grain fed Californian beef brisket ($26 for 180g). This was consistently juicy with neither a dry part in sight or taste. Thank goodness for I read contradicting reviews. However I could not ignore the cold slabs of meat on the plate. Is Brisket supposed to be served cold?

Dino Beef Rib: An American Black Angus beef rib with a black pepper & mustard crust  ($59). This was magical. The juiciness, the tenderness and the smoky crispy crust was undoubtable. Pricey but well worth it!

Although this two protein dishes would have been perfect if the thinly-sliced veg on the side contained some acid. Finishing the meat would have been a much easier job.

How big was Dino rib?


To finish, my sweet tooth simply could not resist the Mississippi Mud Pie ($10) despite the lack of good reviews. The thick and solid chocolate pie topped with whipped cream wasn’t exceptional but the richness was appreciated.

For a Thursday evening, we consumed way too much meat for our own good but Meat Smith was so worth it. I need to return for that Pumpkin Bread French Toast alone. I have to add one of the most unforgettable feature of Meat Smith has got to be the service! Exceptional.

Meat Smith SG
167/169 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068618
T: +65 6221 2262 
Monday to Saturday
8.30am to late


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