Leung Sang Hong Kong Bakery: YESS to the Egg Tarts

I will be honest and admit that when a particular food blogger posts a “recommendation”, I will wave it off and immediately think: “how much did the hotel group pay for that?” However when the same food blogger recently posted about a secret and delicious Egg Tart in Tiong Bahru, it made me sit up. It did not seem to me the neighborhood bakery in question, Leung Sang Hong Kong Bakery, would pay the exorbitant fees the blogger allegedly commands. I forwarded the blogpost link to several friends and last Saturday was rewarded when one of my good friends actually went down to Leung Sang Bakery and bought two boxes of the egg tarts. In one shot, I had three egg tarts because MAN OH MAN WERE THEY GOOODD!! Yes, THREE back to back!

Leung Sang sells two types of egg tarts. Their signature flaky crust and a “Western-style” short crust pastry. I only tried the signature because I could not get over it. 

Supremely light with the flakiest pastry shell and the smoothest bright yellow custard filling; every element of the egg tart was spot on. Plus did I mention it was warm?! 

I loved it so much that the very next day, after a 21km run, my friends and I went down to Leung Sang and I had to get another egg tart. Four egg tarts in two days. Leung San Bakery’s egg tarts are legit.

Unfortunately for Leung Sang, only the egg tart is worth the trip to Tiong Bahru. While there were Hong Kong-style savoury buns available, Leung San does not offer pork-filling pastries. The savory baked buns were all stuffed with either a chicken-based filling or plain.       

There is a reason why chicken is hardly found in Dim Sum. The poultry’s naturally weak texture and bland flavour pales in comparison to rich buttery pastry shells. I got the Curry Po-Lo Bun which while spicy, was unexceptional. In my opinion, just stick to the Chinese-style egg tart in future.    

Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries (Jalan Membina)
#01-06, 18 Jalan Membina, 164018
Daily: 7.30am – 4.00pm

Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries (Chinatown)
18 Sago Street, 059017
Daily: 8.00am – 7.30pm

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