Twins Korean: Bland Sauce vs Juicy Chicken

When it comes to Korean fried chicken, which combination wins? Bland sauce but juicy chicken or flavorful, punchy sauce but dry chicken? This was the key question after my visit to Twins Korean Fried Chicken and Ice cream Beer Bar last night because this was exactly what I encountered. After ingesting much KFC calories such as Oven & Fried Chicken (still my all-time favourite), Joo Bar (second), Chicken Up, Kko Kko Nara (my least favourite), fairly-new Twins was high on my SG-food bucket list for a while due to the much writings on social media of its apparently-delicious chicken. When I found some friends who were also in a KFC-craving mode, Twins was our Thursday evening destination. 

The interior and decor of Twins was a sleek one. Although not as impressive as Joo Bar but we were there for the chicken – not decor – so it didn’t matter. We got around to ordering Twins’ classics upon seating: Original Fried Chicken (half portion), Yangnyum Chicken (half portion), Original Salad, and a Yoghurt Soju. We were pleased then with the onslaught of chicken coming our way. The salad was to offset the impending KFC-coma. Except it wasn’t necessary. We ended up having to order more chicken.

I tried to really really like Twins’ fried chicken for its’ undoubtedly juicy meat. In fact, they were sooooo juicy that even the breast-meat reminded me of chicken thigh. However I just could not get past the bland flavours.  

The Original Fried Chicken came with a mustard side on the side but the condiment lacked the up-the-nose spicy that one would normally associate it with.

 The saucy Yangnyum was slightly more flavourful but it was It was just sweet and thick sauce. What a waste of calories. Even one states spicy despite another “very spicy” option, one would reasonably expect a certain amount of heat which was totally lacking.

 The yoghurt soju was kind of mild-tasting too. After our dissatisfying first round of chicken, we ordered one of their best sellers: Soy & Lemon Kkanpungki. Boneless fried chicken thigh tossed in soy & lemon sauce with occasional garlic slices and topped with generous amount of leek. This fared better. The fried leeks were delicious and chicken bits crispy.

  The really disappointing came in the form of two bingsoos. Flavourless iced shavings and lackluster toppings, they were the ultimate letdown. My first ever Bingsoo was at Joo Bar and when one dug down into the shaved, there was more red bean and other flavourings below. So yummy. Not at Twins. Take the Chocolate Bingsoo below. It came topped with oreo and chocolate wafer biscuits which were not exactly chocolatey… Maybe because I saw chocolate brownies and a mountain of cocoa powder on top on the menu. This was not it. We got the Mango Bingsoo too. They had fresh mangoes on it. Nice but the bingsoo was so milky.

  I don’t remember when I last had food that I did not want a second helping and I left Twins in a bad mood. Thank goodness for the delicious Kueh Kosui the next morning to appease me. 🙂

Twins Korean Fried Chicken
Address: 7 Craig Road, Singapore 089667

Contact: +65 6221 5205
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm & 5pm-12am / Sun 5pm-11pm


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