Luke’s Oyster Bar @ The Heeren: Atmosphere over Food

I always thought I was the diehard foodie as poorly-executed and poor-tasting dishes usually put me in a foul mood. However a visit to Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chophouse last Saturday may have completely changed me for I had underwhelming experience with the food but the interior was so gorgeous, I have refused to strike Luke’s off my go-to places in Singapore.

After watching a thrilling movie at Cineleisure, Eye in the Sky, my friends and I made our way to Luke’s Oyster across the road for drinks but it turned out to be tap water with steaks and carbs! I was so excited to be at Luke’s and it was hidden so well on the third-floor ladies department in The Heeren Robinsons. As it was our first Luke’s experience so we couldn’t resist a steak and some sides instead of alcohol… for supper.

The restaurant interior was gorgeous! Tinnier that expected but it was dark, cosy and so so luxe that I was completely at ease the moment I stepped in. I simply cannot resist an atmospheric dining location. Bedrock at Somerset Suites always first moved me with their dark and sleek interior. 

 We began with the complimentary mini cornbread with whipped butter that was downright tender, corn-y and delicious!

Then a full set of condiments arrived on the table and we eagerly awaited beef-coma.

The pièce de résistance was the USDA PRIME RIBEYE “NAKED” OR “LUAU” STYLE 400grams with confit garlic ($95) which Luke’s happily sliced into three for us.

Although the perfectly-medium-rare slice was breathtaking and the peppery crust so flavourful, we could not ignore the tough meat. It was wayy chewier than we would like or expected from a rib-eye. Definitely not the best steak I have had.

An irresistible side we had was the LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE ritz cracker crumbs ($26). I simply cannot not order Mac & Cheese at a steakhouse. Unfortunately this was also disappointing. The biggest problem I have with the dish is the super liquidy and bland cream sauce. Second the macaroni used was wayy too small. I liked the salty ritz cracker for it provided much-needed seasoning and texture.

The saving grace was probably the downright crispy FRENCH FRIES with rosemary & old bay ($14) Boy were these deep-fried spuds addictive!
I wished the food at Luke’s could have been better but I haven’t had their desserts so a return visit is a must. Plus the atmosphere and interior are soo lovely, it is almost irresistible.

Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House
260 Orchard Road #03-02, The Heeren,

Singapore 238855


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