Kith Cafe @ Millenia Walk: A Gem with the BEST CARBONARA EVER!

Last Sunday, my family eschewed from our usual Sushi Tei/ Silk Dim Sum and headed to Kith Café @ Millenia Walk for lunch.  Kith Cafe has been around for years but I always relegated it to just another brunch spot and never took it seriously. Until a dinner function last Thursday held in Kith where I saw big and hearty portions being served plus a varied menu which consisted of a good mix of Western and Asian dishes. All of a sudden, Kith seemed like it could work very well with my Asian-loving parents and their Western-loving kids and grandkids. For our Sunday lunch, every savoury dish we had was agreeable to us. I was even more heartened when my Mum said she will return to Kith for Sunday lunches. Hurray to a new spot! 

Kith Café surprised us in many ways. First it was unusually packed for an utterly boring mall not on Orchard Road. Second they serve a mean Kith Super Juice. Normally I wouldn’t spend on juice/ drinks with a substantial meal in sight but Kith’s no-fruit celery/ cucumber/ ginger/lemon juice was not only rare but refreshing. My Dad sure got the shock of his life with the strong ginger-flavoured drink. On the other hand, my body was so happy with the “green” element that I happily ordered a pasta to reward myself. Haha… 

The highlight among all the dishes we had was the Carbonara ($19++). Seriously one of the best I ever had. In my life. Crispy bacon that was still tender and juicy was the star ingredient plus the cream sauce was surprisingly neither rich nor did we feel ji-lat after a while. We all loved it and was so tempted to get a second plate but there aren’t many greedy ones in my family. Apologies for the almost-finished plate of pasta but I did not expect it to be good and didn’t take a picture beforehand.

Prior to our lunch at Kith, I had grand plans to order the Manzo pasta (Tagliatelle with Beef Cubes) or Gamberoni (Linguine with King Prawns) but alas, neither was available for the pasta selection on the brunch menu was a tapered down version of the dinner menu. Never mind for the special pasta of the day was an exciting one: Pumpkin Ravioli in a tomato sauce and King Prawns.

Sweet from the smooth pumpkin puree, savoury from the tomato sauce with a fresh prawns. I was a happy happy girl that afternoon!

My sister got a Kith Super Salad with additional marinated Chicken that I will so order one evening…

Surprisingly my parents did not get an Asian dish last Sunday. Instead they got Kith’s classic Wagyu Beef Burger with a perfectly-pink beef patty and Granchio (pasta with Crab Meat). Both were satisfied.

My other sister got their Mushroom Soup that did not taste remotely of Campbell. Hurray!

While the savouries were winners, I wish the desserts at Kith could match it. That afternoon, I tried three cakes and a dessert off the menu: Kith Espresso Jelly (Espresso Jelly with Gula Melaka and Coconut Cream). I liked this a lot. My Mum and I. The jelly was the texture of chin-chow/ grass jelly and paired with the slightly-sweet gula Melaka, addictive.

The really big problem that I have with the cakes at Kith is how stiff it is. I have nothing against cafes baking their cakes in advance and refrigerating them but not warming them up to “relax” the slice is not great. This Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake had all the elements of a sublime slice. Thin chocolate sponges with thick salted caramel buttercream and chocolate crunchy balls. Unfortunately the buttercream was hard and the sponge cake layers and cubes were a tad dry. I swear microwaving it for a few seconds will salvage it but they don’t heat up their cakes… I tried.

This slice of Matcha Chocolate Cake was delightful with the strong matcha-flavor that made me miss Japan but it was the thick green tea mousse layer that saved it.

Later I had a slice of Red Velvet Raspberry Cake and again, it was so stiff! A good heat would have jigged things up.

Despite the imperfect ending, I have so many reasons to return to Kith Café. It is so bloody relaxing! The staff let you sit there as long as you want without ever rushing/ hinting to you that you have sat there long enough. Plus our cold water jug was constantly topped up. Then there is a variety of breakfast dishes that I saw on other tables. I feel so strongly now I need to return and conquer it soon for the massive cravings for scrambled eggs have hit home. The open-space concept of the café at Millenia Walk makes one want to languish the weekend away… It felt like paradise that afternoon.

Kith Cafe Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Tel : +65 6333 4438

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm

Nearby Stations: Promenade, Esplanade


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