Bedrock Bar & Grill: Still the Best Mac & Cheese Ever

I have a hilarious story about Bedrock Bar & Grill. Last night’s visit makes it my twelveth. I have been to this steakhouse 12 times! In my whole life, of course. Not in a span of one or two years. Having said that I visited the first 11 times years ago (like 2010) and only stopped because I was on first-name terms with the staff. Plus for an average-income girl, a steakhouse should never be my comfort zone. So I stopped visiting Bedrock for years. Until last night when my craving for Bedrock’s Mac & Cheese got too strong!! This was especially so after many disappointing Macs in the past year such as Morton’s (tragic), Luke’s (surprisingly tragic), and Little Diner (good but ain’t no Bedrock). Armed with two trusty and hungry girl friends, and an Entertainer app, we headed for carb-heaven!

My conclusion: after so many years, Bedrock’s Mac is still as sublime as before and easily trumphs so many others. Hands down. In fact, after two mains, a side and a dessert, Bedrock remains a solid steakhouse. Impressive after more than six years. 

We began our meal with Bedrock’s classic house-made flat bread with roasted garlic and butter. The flat bread was definitely house-made as they were preparing and baking it in full view of the restaurant. This was still an exceptional one with the soft roasted garlic spread on it. 

However the heat from the oven was no joke and I requested for a change in seats as the heat was hurting my eyes.

The pièce de résistance, Mac n’ Cheese ($20++), arrived gloriously on our tables in a wide cast-iron pan. Good god, it was yelling out for us to dig in.  

Thick but not to the point of stodgy, creamily-smooth sauce contrasting beautifully with that crispy cheese crust, and al dente pasta, you bet we savoured every bite! So. So. Good.

Back in the days, I used to visit Bedrock and just order this plate of their Mac and their Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich dessert. I have a feeling I will be reliving those days again. 

To go with our Mac, and thanks to the entertainer app, we chose two mains for the price of the more expensive one: Australian Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye ($89++) and Free Range Pork Porterhouse ($59++). The latter was a surprisingly good dish! 

This huge meaty porterhouse sat atop braised cabbage, bacon, mustard jus that was simply addictive. Given the portion and generous side, this was a good deal!

The hulky 400g Australian Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye ($89++) was perfectly pink and tender with good smoky and beefy flavor but it was that Wholegrain Whiskey Mustard that had us reaching for again and again.


Our initial plan was to adjourn elsewhere for desserts but when we saw Bedrock’s huge Apple Crumble for 2 ($26++) served to the table next to us, we could not resist staying and ordering one.


In the end, I had most of it. You see, my two girl friends were not into poached fruits. This simple pie was simply heaps of baked tender apples with a lot of cinnamon then topped with super buttery and fragrant walnut streusel, and the largest scoop of vanilla ice cream that any of us have ever seen! If you love poached pears, like me, this dessert was baked for you. However at $26… best to find more pals who equally enjoy poached fruits.


Bedrock was a satisfying one. Blown away from the food, the relaxed ambience that instantly puts one at ease after a long day at work. Plus despite the agreed 8.30pm limit to the table, we sat and chatted until 10.40pm(!) without anyone chasing or hinting to us that time was up. Love it! If I did not care about calories and money, I will totally return weekly!

Bedrock Bar and Grill: 96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Singapore 238163 | Tel: 6238 0054 


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