Bake Cheese Tarts: Fluffiest Tarts without the Queue (Heng Man!)

I love food a lot but to queue at least an hour for it, maybe not. When I read Bake Cheese Tarts were arriving on our damn-humid and sunny shores, like many, super excited! Just like that, we moved on from the Salted Egg Lava Croissants. Guys, seriously, I cannot recall ever experiencing this food fad turnover as quick as now!

Plus Bake would be perfect to compare against my recently-experienced Pablo Tart (which was epic). If Pablo was epic, I expect Bake would be too. As it turned out, Bake was seriouslyyyy gooood… but only if hot. I cannot highly recommend enough microwaving for 10 seconds if it has turned cold or room temperature. Awakes the fluffiness.

When Bake first opened, it was all over the news that there will at least be an hour queue just to secure one tart. Shit. My FOMO was kicking in and my craving was strangling me… Forget it! In Tokyo, I only queued for the Pablo tarts for 0.5 hours and it was painful enough. I thought all hopes to try Bake was lost until two nights ago, right after our splendid Bedrock Mac, my girlfriend introduced me to the LaborMe app. For a small fee, one could get someone to QUEUE and DELIVER straight to you! HALLEJUAH!!! For someone who works in the East, this app was God-sent. Within 10 minutes of introduction, I put in a “task” on the app. Less than 24 hours later, I had gobbled down four Bake Cheese Tarts. I am not kidding. This blogger can eat.

LaborMe app was pretty straightforward. All I did was download and sign up on the app, created a new “task” and keyed in details of what I wanted (12 pieces Bake Cheese Tart from Ion Orchard), keyed in a promo code for $5 off delivery fee, chose the time for delivery, and within one minute(!) of putting in my bid of $10 delivery fee, there were three bids! Each for at least $11 delivery/ service fee. Obviously I accepted the $11 bid.

The very next day, the tarts arrived much earlier than expected! 10am instead of 3pm. The efficiency totally did not trouble me. As long as the tarts arrived, I was simply pleased to not have been defrauded! Holding that bright yellow paper bag, I could not help but feel a real sense of achievement. Yes!!! Bake is in my hand and my legs are not sore!

I skipped back to my office to find my colleagues eagerly waiting for me. We wasted no time in tearing open the box. The cheese tarts arrived warm (just like I requested on the app) and a strong burst of sweet cheese came through.

Biting it out, we collectively swoon out loud: woahhhhh! The exterior was unmistakably buttery and crumbly (just like Pablo except Pablo’s exterior was thicker) but the winner was the undeniable fluffy inner texture. It is here that Pablo’s original mini tart loses out to Bake. The cheesy warm soft filling was not liquidy-lava but resembled the texture of an under-baked sponge cake. Biting into it was like biting to a cloud. Amazing.  

Is it worth the legendary 2-hour queue? Who cares! Just find an app to do the task for you. It’s worth paying a bit more for the delivery fee and one can have it delivered right to your doorstep!

So immediately after we had our tarts, my colleagues wanted more. A lot more. I went back to LaborMe and put in a bid. For 72 tarts. 12 6-piece boxes. By 2pm, our second order arrived. This time when we divided the delivery fee of $40 by the number of boxes, it worked out to be cheaper than the first batch above!


I love this app. And the service was impeccable. We were updated at all times of the progress and status of delivery plus every tasker and deliveryman we communicated with were so so nice!

Having said that, Bake Cheese Tarts did not trump Pablo’s Chocolate Mini Tart, for me. The chocolate molten-lava interior of Pablo’s tart was executed perfectly with its fudginess despite the cheese-based. You just can’t beat this.


Flavour over texture here. 

We left work on Friday very very happy. Thank you Bake and LaborMe!!!

BAKE Cheese Tart
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-33 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801


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