Da Paolo Pizza Bar @ Chip Bee Gardens: Delicious But Pricey

On Saturday afternoon, Mummy and I paid a visit to Chip Bee Garden. Unfortunately it was pouring which ruined our plans of having an al-fresco lunch. We decided to eat at Da Paolo Pizza Bar only because it was right in front of us and I was too hungry to venture further. We lucked out for it turned out to be a splendid discovery albeit pricey one. Our casual lunch for two was close to $100. However I must talk about the the food as they were yummy! We cleaned out the three dishes ordered; even the huge pizza!

We shared two appetizers and a pizza. The Homemade Crab Cakes with Avocado Salsa ($24++) was amazing! It was, hands down, the best crab cakes I ever had!

Each of the three deep-fried dark brown crab cake was stuffed with a mixture of briny crab meat and green and red peppers. It was a flavourful crab cake. Plus the crust was thin and crisp – wonderful contrast to the soft interior. Paired with the refreshing avocado salsa – so addictive! These were crab cakes done right.

My Mum loves Deep Fried Calamari  with Spicy Mayonnaise ($24++) and I love this picture below as my Mum could not be bothered to wait for me finish taking pictures and immediately grabbed a piece when the plate arrived. Definitely her favourite. Although the squid was a tad rubbery, that spicy mayo and fresh squeeze of lime totally piqued our palette. Later I used dipped the pizza crust into the mayo – we really enjoyed it.

The Meat Lover Pizza ($30++) was soooooo goooodddd. Every element was spot-on. On the thin crispy crust was a meat explosion of three types of meat: Salami, Cooked Ham, Bolognese on top Mozzarella cheese with the Bolognese being the triumphant element. It made the whole pizza even more saucy. Plus the cracker-thin crust provided much-needed textural contrast! It was wet, it was soggy, and it was perfectly seasoned. We were swooning at every bite.

I must have eaten at least five slices of the pizza. Initially we wanted to take away some slices but couldn’t resist and just cleaned out the plate. Da Paolo Pizza Bar was such a surprise find. If not for the prices, we will most definitely be back often. Nothing bonds Mother and Daughter like good carbohydrates! 

Da Paolo Pizza Bar
44 Jln Merah Saga
Singapore 278116


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