[Paris] Little Breizh Cafe: Delicious Galette Crepes! 

One of my best new experiences on my French gastronomic trip was buckwheat crepes. Rarely seen in Singapore, buckwheat crepes are prepared with a very dense, black-flecked organic flour (blé noir). Personally, I liked the crepes for the crunchy texture emboding a subtle earthy flavor. It tasted odd at first but the flavor grew on me. It tasted healthier, for some strange reason. The more I ate, the more I enjoyed it. French crepes are also wonderfully paper-thin. At Little Breizh, my friend and I shared two savoury buckwheat crepes, a sweet traditional French white wheat crepe, two mugs of cider and did not feel one bit stuffed. In fact, I saw the French around me having a savoury and sweet crepe per person. 

At the Little Breizh, the excellent buckwheat galettes have the black-flecked organic flour milled specially for the owners — brother and sister team Pierre and Claire Goasdoué. Service was the warmest we experienced in France.   

I read that chilled cider and crepes go together like two peas in a pod so I could not resist ordering a dry cider to accompany our savoury crepes. Cider was served in cute mugs. After the full day of waking, we agreed it was most refreshing! It tasted like the Somerbys apple cider without the tooth-achingly sweetness or apple flavor. We perked up for dinner. 

Our first savoury buckwheat galette was the Super Complete: Ham and bacon in a creamy leek sauce. Flecked with little nubbins of dark, toothy buckwheat embedded in the batter, this was delicious! While the filling was nothing-to-shout-about, the contrasting textures were very appetizing. We could not get enough of the crepes and downing with the chilled cider. 

The second was a more interesting Guemene: traditional Breton sausage with onions and cheese. Breton sausage is tripe sausage and the waitress was surprised we were up for this. This filling was more enjoyable as the cheese was salty and provided more flavor.

Dessert crepes at Little Breizh were only served with the white-wheat crepes and we got the Teddy Breizh. Two white wheat crepes, one filled with chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream, speculoos powder, and marshmallow teddy candy. The buckwheat galettes were definitely much preferred – I missed the grainy texture.

Little Breizh is an utterly charming and homely little café. Centrally located in the Left Bank near the train station, I still hold fond memories of this little café and most importantly, still crave buckwheat galettes since returning home. 

Address: 11 rue Gregoire de Tours, 75006
Nearest transport: Odéon (4, 10)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday; Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance
Telephone: 01 43 54 60 74
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: French, Breton & Crêpes


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