[Paris] Du Pain et des Idees: Sweet Escargot Croissants

When on holiday, calories restriction is one of the worst decisions especially when one loves food. For a while now, I have thrown on all calories restrictions out the window when travelling.  One can walk it off later, right? At Du Pain et des Idees, this was worth the sacrifice. Widely known as one of the best bakeries in Paris, this bakery started off from their bread but the escargot croissants quickly became even more popular and the reason to visit. One morning, we walked the 25 minutes from our hotel to Du Pain for an early breakfast and was greeted with the full splendid display of escargot croissants in four flavours (!) and a huge array of other buttery pastries and bread.

This is the bread that is supposed to be Du Pain’s signature.

Aside from the escargot croissants, the apple puff and tart are equally as famous.

Classic French croissants and chocolate croissants are also available.

We got ourselves three different escargots to share: (from left) Lemon Hazelnut, Berries with cream cheese and Pistachio Chocolate (the most popular).

The escargot croissants were a crispy and messy but delicious affair. Oh how light the layers of puff were and incredibly flaky! When we tore into it, there pastry broke into many little pieces and were everywhere. But maybe because it was cold outside and the lack of hot coffee for we would have enjoyed it even more if warm. Out of the three, our favourite was the berries cream cheese for its flavor was most pronounced. The Lemon Hazelnut was too subtle and the pistachio chocolate could have been nuttier.

While feasting on our escargot croissants outside the bakery, I saw a tray of apple tart with French sea salt being displayed and could not resist rushing in to purchase one. The warm pastry was HEAVENLY!!! This was definitely the highlight of our morning. The blackened areas were caramelized and crispier and the puff pastry so light it was almost unreal. The sweet and mushy apples made it all seem healthier… ha-ha. Du Pain was so worth the trek. But may I suggest requesting for them to heat it up slightly to heighten the flavor even further.

Address: 34 rue Yves Toudic, 75010
Nearest transport: Jacques Bonsergent (5)
Hours: Monday-Friday 6:45am-8pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday
Telephone: 01 42 40 44 52



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