[Paris] Fou De Patisserie: Paris’s Best all in 1 Place 

Fou de Patisserie has an interesting back story. It is opened by a bimonthly French pastry magazine and does not bake its own pastries or treats. Instead it is the amalgation of Paris’s most-acclaimed patisseries. There are presently six resident chefs — Cyril Lignac, Christophe Adam of L’Éclair de Génie, Philippe Conticini, Hugues Pouget of Hugo & Victor, Jonathon Blot of Acide and Olivier Haustraete of Boulangerie Bo — and a handful of guest stars providing their famed treats like Jacques Genin, Gilles Marchal and the inimitable Pierre Hermé with his legendary macarons. Every pastry, cake, chocolate, macaron and candy are delivered fresh daily. Incredble. If you are as pastry obsessed as me and do not have time to run around the city seeking out the famous patisseries, Fou De Patisserie is the best one-stop-shop for you.

The selection features a signature recipe and a limited-edition creation from each chef. Some pastries are displayed neatly under the glass display with the origins indicated clearly.

Behind is a line of floor-to-ceiling fridges where the pastries are displayed like little jewels.

I got two that day. (From left) Le Cheesecake Cassis by Acide Macaron and the ash-covered Equinox by La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac. Both patisseries I have not tried but read much about. Plus a complimentary little exquisite piece of Sesame Chocolate from a famed Normandy chocolatier. Roasted sesame in chocolate, what a find.

The Le Cheesecake Hibiscus composed of cream cheese mousse, crushed wild black currants, and shortcrust pastry. This was much lighter than the typical American cheesecake as the cream cheese has been made into an airy mousse. I definitely preferred this to the denser, richer American cheesecake. The shortcrust pastry base had a pretty strong speculoos flavor which combined well with the acidity of wild black currants and the soothing cream cheese mousse.

Coincidentally, the Equinox also contained a crunchy base but a praline biscuit then topped with a light vanilla cream with salted butter caramel in the middle and blobs of raspberry coulis. The whole dessert was coated with a ash-like powder that I never figured out what it was and did not remind me of any flavours.

Of the two, I preferred the ashy Equinox. The crunchy base tasted better compared to the cheesecake. Plus paired with the vanilla-studded cream, the pastry was simply delightful. I could not stop reaching for more bites. Fou De Patisserie was a convenient patisserie with a brilliant concept and saved me loads of time. I am glad I hunted it down because it saved me two trips. However after many pastries in Paris, I did feel, ironically, the Japanese excelled with the little sweet treats compared to the French. The ones I had in Japan recently  exhibited higher finesse skills. In each little dessert, textures and flavours were more varied and pronounced. On the bright side, at least I got my French pastries-fix out of the way. 

Fou de Pâtisserie
45 rue Montorgueil
75002, Paris
Métro: Sentier (3) or Etienne Marcel (4)

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