[Paris] Pierre Hermé’s 2000 Fieulle: Beast of a Pastry

In my opinion, Pierre Herme is the King of Patisseries and I have tried a lot of bakeries and patisseries around the world before making this bold statement. People love and worship their macarons but in my opinion, they are nothing compared to his pastries. The amount of textures and flavours that go into each treat is mind-blowing. I have tried two so far and both times I went “wow” on first bite. Ask my friends, I am no easy foodie to please… Visiting a Pierre Herme patisserie in Paris was sky-high on my bucket list. I wanted to visit his “home” and taste his “original” pastries. As it turns out, his macarons and chocolates can be found at all of his shops around Paris but only two (in the Left Bank) that stocks his pastries. Visit this list to check out the full list of his shops in France. If you want his pastries, look for shops that stock “PÂTISSERIES, MACARONS & CHOCOLATS”.

On the afternoon of my visit, I was greeted with a full display of his treats. I was floating with joy upon looking at the full display. There was an entire section dedicated to his tart(!) and you know how I feel about his tart. It’s love.

While I would like to try everything, I knew this only meant diabetes. I plan to live a long time and eat plentiful desserts while I’m at it. Difficultly, I chose the 2000 Feuilles (€7.30). It was a tough decision but this behemoth pastry looked like a meal in itself! The 2000 Feuilles is a multi-tiered construction of flaky caramelized puff pastry crust sandwiching crispy praliné, crushed Piedmont hazelnuts, and praliné mousseline cream.

It was a rich, mesmerizing array of textures and flavors that was crazy delicious! The flaky puff layers went everywhere upon getting forked into. There was a subtle smokiness to it too. The cream so rich and smooth, and the little fragrant roasted hazelnut pieces provided even more texture. Every bite danced in my mouth. Finishing this was no easy feat but deeply satisfying. No regrets.

If Mr Pierre Herme was in front of me then, I would have kowtow-ed to him. If you love PH’s macarons, promise me that you must must must try his pastries. Seriously.

Add: 72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77
Hours: 10am~7pm (7:30pm on Thu-Fri, 8pm on Sat)
Website: www.pierreherme.com


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