[Paris] Gontran Cherrier: Finally at the Flagship! 


FINALLY! Arriving before the door, I screamed out in my heart, I made it to Gontran Cherrier bakery’s home!!! If you have been reading this blog for a while, you would know how obsessed I am with GC’s bakeries. After my first GC croissant in Seoul, I was hooked. Every city where GC has set up a bakery up until my Paris trip, I have visited (he opened one in Melbourne last week!), ordered a ton and fell madly in love with every buttery pastries. On my last morning in Paris, I knew I couldn’t leave the city without visiting GC. There was no question about it. Come rain or shine, I was going to trek to Montmartre. That morning was also the third day in a row that Paris rained like no other and was the precursor of a massive flood in the city.

GC bakery is located in the upper-class and beautiful neighborhood, Montmartre. The bakery was simply decorated with its crisp, white tiled walls with its long counter filled with delicious pastries, tartes, and breads. Unlike many of Paris’s best boulangeries, one could eat inside, perched on a stool along the bar facing the street. Thank goodness because it allowed me respite from the wet weather outside for hours. 


What surprised me at the bakery was the simple French pastries on display. Unlike the two branches where there were local-flavoured creations, the Paris flagship offered no unusual pastries. That made me miss that raspberry almond chocolate croissant from the Shibuya outlet.

I should have ordered its classics but I was soooo over croissants at that point. After eight days of it, surely  it’s understandable so I settled for a Matcha White Chocolate Scone and a Passionfruit/ Peach/ Coconut Tart plus a cup of black coffee that turned out to be the best coffee of the trip! It was so smooth and lacked any bitter aftertaste. I ended up ordering a second cup afterwards.


The bright and cheery Passionfruit/ Peach/ Coconut Tart uplifted the dull morning. Comprising a refreshing and rich passionfruit mousse with a big piece of peach stuck into it atop a frangipane tart. The bright mousse was delightful. However the tart could have been more buttery and crisp ala Pierre Herme’s Infinite Vanilla Tart. 


The Matcha White Chocolate scone was surprising in that it: a) wasn’t sickeningly sweet – thank goodness; and b) wasn’t densed. Expecting a thick and sticky texture, this scone was none of that and surprisingly moist with subtle matcha flavours.


GC Paris turned out to be pretty underwhelming but it could be because I did not pick his signatures. I should have stuck to their basic French pastries (would have if it was at the start of my trip). Best to visit the branches in Seoul, Tokyo or Melbourne instead. There are way more exciting creations there. Having said that, I will never forget the seating within the bakery and free wifi. The perfect respite from the cold weather that morning.

Address: 22 rue Caulaincourt, 75018
Nearest transport: Abbesses (12)
Hours: Closed Wednesday
Telephone: 01 46 06 82 66


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