[Lyon] Au Pain de min Grand-Pere: Best Almond Croissant I Ever Had 

I am sure many of you will agree that one of the best parts of travelling is you could plan till kingdom comes but stumbling upon a place that is totally random, totally charming and best part of all, sells delicious treats makes all the hassle of travelling so worth it! Am I right?! Lyon was the last place on earth I was expecting to find a classic Almond Croissant that was so good, so out-of-this-world that it was first-bite Magic and totally worth the detour to purchase a second!

One morning in Lyon, a planned jog turned into a brisk walk that further turned into shopping for a breakfast feast. Healthy lifestyle #fail.


At the start of our walk, famished, we made our way to the closest corner neighbourhood bakery to grab a snack. Au Pain de mon GrandPère stands for My Grandfather’s Bakery. As luck would have it, Au Pain is actually a famous chain from Strasbourg but all goods are baked in-house ensuring freshness.

Upon walking in, two wide counters of baked buttery treats greeted us. Au Pain’s almond croissant did not look any special but I went for it to “test” out the bakery. Almond Croissants are filled with an almond cream made with some creme patissiere, topped with more of the almond cream and sliced almonds and then baked until golden. To serve, they are dusted with some icing sugar. 

Unlike the previous ones I had, Au Pain’s classic almond croissant comprised an unusually thin and extremely-crispy frangipane (almond cream) engulfing the croissant. It might have been a minute too long in the oven but the lack of charred taste meant the extra minute was planned for. Used to a thick mound of frangipane on almond croissants, this was so light and snapped off so easily that upon biting in, immediately I felt the warm buttery and flakey croissant with an ooey gooey frangipane within. Oh what wondrous contrasting textures in such a simple pastry! It was perfffff-ect.

I kept biting into it to experience the three textures again and again. We got a chocolate croissant from the same bakery but it did not register as deeply as the almond croissant. Discovering such surprises make me wanderlust all.the.time.  Not even a month back home and already I am planning for my next holiday…

Address: 66 Cours Lafayette, 69003 Lyon, France
Phone:+33 4 78 60 50 23

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