Great Cream Puffs: Dulcet & Studio, Châteraisé

The Japanese treats offered in Singapore never fail to fascinate me. In a span of just a day, I had two Japanese cream puffs that were both equally as ethereal as the other but wholly different in nature. Sunday was a productive day. 

The first was the Matcha Cream Puff from Dulcet & Studio (the Paragon branch with Calamansi cafe). The expensive cold-pressed juices of Calamansi cafe never lured us but with a display cabinet of calorrific treats in the front of the cafe, that became a different story. We got a host of sweets after family lunch.


DS’s Mont Blanc had been my favourite in Singapore but sadly, on Sunday, it was a little stodgy and dry. That didn’t matter. The real star of the five was, unexpectedly, the Matcha Cream Puff. For just $3, the huge choux puff topped with a green crust (resembling a Chinese Po Luo Bun) was light and crispy but it was the filling that left us breathless.


The intense green matcha cream was thick and smooth; absolutely satisfying for us Matcha lovers. The best part of the cream was the zero hint of sugariness to cloud the absolute pure green tea flavour. As we left the cafe, we could not help but catch a glimpse of the Matcha puffs displayed in the front of the cafe. How we salivated and lusted over it! Gluttons.

On the other end of the spectrum, Châteraisé’s Double Fantasy Cream Puff ($1.90) was light light and light, soft soft  and soft!!! How have I not known about this puffy earlier?! 


Châteraisé’s puff consisted of a soft choux puff stuffed to the brim with two types of cream to bring home the calories: fresh Hokkaido cream and an egg custard cream. As you take the first bite, the freshness of the cream duo was undeniable and embodied with a subtle sweet milk flavour!! All three elements together were still so light, it felt like we were biting in a fluffy cloud. How do the Japanese do it?!

Both Japanese cream puffs could not be more unlike each other but equally good. I reckon Chateraise’s duo-cream puff will be great for BBQ parties and Dulcet’s matcha great for post-salad lunches. The irony. Haha! 

Dulcet & Studio (Calamansi Café)

290 Orchard Road
#B1-25 Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859


ISETAN Singapore
Jurong East Store B2 Basement
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate
Singapore 608532
Sun-Thu 10am – 9:30pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 10am – 10pm


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