The First Taste of Durian Tis Season 

Durian season is upon us! Last weekend, my Mum and I threw a cosy Durian Party. We got four types of durians: Red Prawn, Black Pearl, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) and King of King


All were equally  fantastic especially King of King! It was more expensive than MSW but the flesh was thicker, richer and creamier than MSW. Incredible. Despite its richness, I could not resist a second seed. My next favourite was the Black Pearl but it is super sweet with no hint of bitterness.

Durian prices are sky-high by the way! The whole lot you see in the picture above cost S$482 (!!!) MSW was going for $27/kg with KoK more expensive at $28/kg. I was told durian prices will go down in August.

We got our durian from Toh Yi Drive by an honest Uncle Lee. He advised us to eat in accordance of the mild to rich durians first i.e. Red Prawn first then KoK last.

He may run a small stall (next to a Mama/ Convenience shop) but his varieties are aplenty.

Every single durian he opened was perfect. Regular customers would call and order from him. But he will only open the durians when you are picking them up. If you are unlucky to meet a customer like us who ordered 15 durians, apologize in advance, but it is worth the wait. Trust me.

Every seed inside was surrounded by bright yellow flesh. Very impressive.

Before the onslaught of durian, I prepared a Thai Steak Salad. It was a huge hit! Get the recipe from here.

The recipe calls for a lot of ingredients but I omitted the noodles and cabbage. Neither were missed.

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