Mikuni: Chiong Before The End of Amex Card Promo

Did you hear? The AMEX 50% discount for 2 promotion at Mikuni, JAAN and Equinox has come to an end. From today onwards the maximum discount one can enjoy at Mikuni is 35%. Given it’s fine-dining prices, 35% off still makes Mikuni rather expensive. Bleh. Last Saturday, my fellow foodie and I grabbed the last opportunity to enjoy the as-good-as 1-4-1 offer, and spent a blissful and delicious two hours catching up at Mikuni. With two lunch sets going for $68++ each but our bill for two coming up to $82, lunch was such a good deal. Mikuni, your 50% discount on the FAR card will be sorely missed. 

On Saturday, we went for the Robata and Teppan lunch sets. We were in for a real treat! 

Each set began with an Organic Mixed Green Salad with Sesame Sauce, smooth and silky Japanese Chawanmushi Egg Custard and these thin crisps resembling crispy wonton skin chips. They were a good start.

The second course of the Robata lunch set was Hokkaido Scallops with Onion Butter , Atka Mackerel from Kyushu and grilled Green Asparagus. The seafood were unmistakably fresh and the scallops in that addictive onion butter sauce was tender and devoid of any rubberiness. So nice. 

The next three courses of the Teppan set came fast. Crunchy King Prawns in a thick and rich golden sauce which was yums but damn jilat after a while. Miso Marinated Cod with Asparagus which was again fresh and cooked to perfection. The Australian Tenderloin with Garlic Soya Sauce and Crispy Garlic on a bed of Bean Sprouts was grilled to perfection. Tender with strong beefy flavour – love!!! The Garlic Fried Rice, while not disappointing, wasn’t excellent either and one can get an equally good fried rice from Sushi Tei Paragon.

The Robata lunch set was a better set in comparison as the dishes were more special. This Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with Garlic Soya and Kurobuta Pork Tsukune with egg and Hokkaido Sweet Corn were so darn delicious and easily my favourite course of them all!!! We enjoyed every meaty bite. In particular, the stick of Wagyu beef was meltingly tender and juicy. Dipped into the egg yolk and brown sauce, one stick was simply not enough. 

The carbohydrate dish for the Robata set was the Kyoto-style Herring Fish Soba. Comforting and full-bodied soup with QQ Soba that didn’t taste of instant ones. This was VERY NICE. The modest twirl of noodles left us wanting more (and more).

Both lunch sets comes with the same seasonal dessert and for good reason. The Caramel Custard with fresh fruits was surprisingly light and refreshing. My friend and I were glad we didn’t have to share this. 

Look how big the blueberry was. 

The quality of Mikuni’s ingredients were unmistakable and the variety of the sets was so wide and exciting. Every element was spot-on with flavours and textures. However at the full price, I wouldn’t go back. After our heavy meal, we were served a dessert menu where every item was above $20. $20++ for a dessert is silly in this economic situation. Even with a bonus, I cannot foresee doling out that much money for a meal at Mikuni without the 50% discount. 

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore

Bras Basah Road
Tel: 64316156

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