Pizza Express: Not Bad

British pizza chain, Pizza Express, is here and yours truly went on a unsponsored-visit to Scotts Square just for it! Conclusion: not bad. 

Pizza Express’s pizza pies were better than Prego at Fairmont (that was so sad I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it here) and Pepperoni Pizzeria on Frankel Avenue (tragic). However Pizza Express’s pies still can’t beat Da Paolo Pizza Bar at Chip Bee Gardens. That is still the best I have had in Singapore so far. 

The first-ever Pizza Express in Singapore is located at the ultra-convenient Scotts Square (because my bus stop home is just opposite. Haha.) in the basement. It takes over Maison Kayser bakery, which has moved to a smaller space next to it, and just opposite the now-queueless-London Fat Duck.

The best dish of the night was Calabrese. Pizza Express’s signature square pizza topped with calabria-style sausage, spicy Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, jalapeño peppers, roasted peppers and red chillies. Finished with mozzarella, pesto, Grana Padano and rocket. Packed with ingredients, the best bit has got to be the fragrant base that was wonderfully crisp yet chewy. I am a sucker for pizzas with a good base. Plus the chillies gave it a good kick! 

Pizza Express serves two types of pizza base. Classic: a bigger, thinner, crispier base, and Romana. Romana appealed to us more for it had more meat options. We got American Hottest just because it sounded good. Pepperoni, hot green and roquito peppers, fresh red chilli, spicy Italian sausage, passata and buffalo mozzarella. Finished with torn buffalo mozzarella, fresh parsley and chilli oil.

I believe this and Calabrese above have the same base but for some strange reason, I liked the Calabrese more. American Hottest was just ok. Not exactly exceptional. 

We got the Burata with Red Peppers to start with. It was enough to whet our appetites.

We got two desserts to end our meal. Big Bad Brownie and Cheesecake. Both were disappointing. I have to discourage you from ordering them.

The description of the Big Bad Brownie sounded so good: chocolate brownie chunks, vanilla gelato, cream, crushed Italian biscotti, pistachio, egg roll, and caramel sauce. So many delicious-sound elements. Unfortunately every component was forgettable with the worst being the stone-dry brownies. Overall a lackluster dessert.

The Cheesecake was so dense and uninspiring, it was almost a waste of calories. Skip this.

For my dinner with three girlfriends, our total bill came to $128.90 which was not bad. Will I return? Sure. But the best part of Pizza Express has got to be the RESERVATIONS policy! Scotts Square brings back painful memories of queuing for that Duck place. But for Pizza Express, just reserve online and turn up for not-bad pizzas. So convenient. The second best part of Pizza Express is the open-air concept and booth seats that are still firm and darn comfortable. Quickly go before it softens! Service was unbelievably warm too.  

PizzaExpress Singapore
Scotts Square B1 08-09 Scotts Road Singapore 228209 (Orchard MRT)
Tel: +65 6538 0083
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00am

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