Da Paolo Pizza Bar: Wonderful Casual Italian

Da Paolo Pizza Bar Holland Village in Chip Bee Garden has got to be my favourite casual Italian pizzeria in Singapore! Last night, armed with five girlfriends, we continued on our pizzeria-hop and I finally introduced them Da Paolo Pizza. After hanging out in Prego and Pizza Express, I always knew Da Paolo Pizza was so much better than both of them put together. Da Paolo Pizza is not cheap though. Remember how I said it was pricey? Well, Da Paolo Pizza is on the Entertainer app with one-for-one mains!!! Guess how much our bill for 4 pizzas, 2 pastas and 2 desserts came up to? $24.72 per person! Best. I love this app.

Our spread for last evening.


I cannot highly recommend enough Da Paolo Pizza’s Meat Lover Pizza, August Chili Crab Pizza Special and the Al Granchio, the crabmeat and tomato cream sauce pasta. All three sang to us.

The Meat Lover Pizza was one sloppy goodness. Comprising Salami, Cooked Ham, Bolognese, Mozzarella, the flavourful meaty toppings on Da Paolo Pizza’s signature thin crust, that I love sooooo much for its crispiness and fragrance, were so heavy its best to eat using a fork and knife.


I always eat with my hands and it dripped all over but I love it!

The August Chili Crab Pizza Special has a mind-boggling amount of ingredients on it. Signature Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella base topped with deep-fried soft shell crab, crabmeat, pesto, coriander leaf, and slices of crispy mantou. Stick with me.  


Anything with fried soft shell crab can do no wrong in my eyes but the bonus of this pizza is the crazy variety of ingredients that made every bite different. Quickly make your way to Da Paolo Pizza this August before the special ends!

Our next favourite dish at Da Paolo was the Al Granchio Crabmeat, Signature Tomato-Cream Sauce with an $3 for Homemade Egg Tagliatelle. Paying just $3 more for the egg tagliatelle was so worth it because it completely changed the dish.


The flavours were spot on too! Just the right amount of tanginess from the tomatoes and a whole lot of thick crabmeat-filled sauce for one to swirl the noodles till your heart’s content. So good.

The Carbonara was packed with bacon. The Homemade Egg Tagliatelle did not go as well with this parmesan cream sauce but the generous sauce more than made up for it. I am returning to try this dish with another pasta.

The Fiorentina comprised Salami, Sauteed Spinach, Mozzarella, Egg. The egg in the middle was disappointing overcooked and some found it overly salty. Not exceptional.


Usually my favourite pizza, the four-cheese Quattro Formaggi was a tad disappointing with the overpowering blue cheese flavor and surprisingly dry toppings. Ah well, you can’t win at everything in life.


For desserts, we got Da Paolo’s famed Tiramsiu that was on the dry side and engulfed with cocoa powder. The powder must be expiring soon hence the onslaught of it. Waste not, want not.


A hot gooey cookie is so my thing! If not for the calories in Ben’s Cookies, I would happily buy one daily to munch on it. Baked-to-order in a Skillet with Vanilla Gelato, Da Paolo’s Warm Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie could have been so good but it was a tad over baked and what resulted was a warm well-done cookie. Uber buttery and sweet, this was still a comforting sweet end to our wonderful savoury-packed dinner.


What shall I order from Da Paolo Pizza Bar next?

Da Paolo Pizza Bar
44 Jln Merah Saga

Singapore 278116

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