Meat Smith: Serious Meat Game

Smokehouse, Meat Smith, has got some serious meat game going on. Serving up Texan grilled meat, it is the closest Singaporeans here will get to Southern American barbecue unless one buys a plane ticket there and bothers with the air travel. My best friend and I had a good time at Meat Smith last night for we lucked […]

[New York] Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Bacon for Appetizer, Steak for Main Course

Not to be confused with Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was opened by Wolfgang Zwiener, a former headwaiter at Peter Luger for over 40 years. There may be 12 locations of the steakhouse around the world but Wolfgang’s ain’t no chain. Its’ quality is evidenced by its repeated appearances on Best Steakhouses in New York lists. When the same friend, who insisted I […]