Around the Internet: reads for the weekend

I am getting all inspired and laughing from sites I read recently:

16 Surprising Things About Parenting In China. Expats experience on parenting in China. Their observations and sense of humour is on point and hilarious!

Best friend-less. I am not the only one. *phew*

Real time updates on Borough Market. I am still in a London state of mind. Oh October, could you come any quicker?!

Let’s Go To A British Supermarket! Get ready to laugh. I am a supermarket addict, still so after leaving my Deli job four years ago. My obssession for seeing all types of food and packaging never died. Amateur Gourmet’s adventure in a British supermarket is hilarious! It made me crave for Marks and Spencers in London. Can’t wait to attack Waitrose and Whole Foods Market in London this October!

There is a new food market in London: Bishopsgate Market. Gosh! When did the obsession w street food start? In any case, hurray to more good food! Although will any be open in October???

I just discovered a new London-based food blog.

Just started on the US TV political drama, House of Cards. Have you watched the Netflix show before? I like Kevin Spacey but the effortless coolness of Robin Wright awed me!

An introduction to Filipino food. In Singapore, find them all over Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road. I am a personal fan of Sinigang, a sour and savory soup.

If you love peanut butter. Here is one more surprising excuse to attack the jar. :p

A nifty trick to relieve tension headache. I am so going to need this on my next juice cleanse.

New cold pressed juice bars in Singapore and London, so exciting! And London’s Mojo Juice Bar’s hashtag #findmemymojo is hilarious!

While we are on the topic on Cold Pressed Juices in London, 4 Juicy Favourites to try if you are in London!

Five of the most beautiful lakes around the world. Weekends are made for wanderlusting.

Step-by-step pictures of S’more Cakes prepared from a food processer!

Another feature on The Serious Eats, all you need to know about biscuits.

Need some baking inspiration for the weekend? How about this Passion Fruit, Persimmon and Pepper Pavlova?

Eat Barcelona. Need I say more?

Acai Bowls. The newest Breakfast trend. Are you on board? I would be if Acai wasn’t so hard to find in Singapore.

*Phew* What a list for just two days! May yours be filled with love and lots of kindness.