Training and eating for that 42

As mentioned (or freaked out) in my earlier post, I am running the Standard Chartered Marathon on 7th December. With less than 15 weeks to go, I have to get round AND aggressive about my training and eating plans. My first step was to find a suitable Training Schedule. Found one on Fitsugar which could not be easier to follow. Plus also included are a lot of various exercises to further strengthen the body. I just have to start from Week 3.

Next I signed up for a running club! My partner-in-crime i.e. my girl friend who signed up with me, sent me a link on three exciting running clubs that launched in Singapore last year. My girl friend is the best! Way to go to stay trendy despite our impending troubles. We decided on the Running Department because they do runnings on Wednesdays in Raffles Place (where I work). And a Weekend Feel Good Run on Saturday mornings. This Saturday we are going for our first training, and it is for 10km. Hur hur ha ha! Honestly, it is the pigging out thereafter at Creatory Singapore that is spurring me on. 

The next step is the Eating plan. I expect my appetite to increase during the training so I need to research at the same time on how not to get fat. There are so many articles out there on the rules of eating. But I found this short, helpful article on the six rules for healthy, whole-foods eating plan designed just for runners. Let me summarise it for you on the six types of food to eat:

  1. Seeds or foods from seeds;
  2. Five different colored fruits and vegetables daily;
  3. Plant foods with their skins intact;
  4. Drink milk and eat milk products that come from animals;
  5. Eat foods that come from cold water i.e. seafood; and
  6. Meat, poultry, or eggs from free-range or grass-fed animals.

Basically, eat NATURALLY and a lot of protein. Carbohydrate-loading only begins four days before (I am dreaming of carbonara already.) As long as I abide by the two simple rules of natural, protein foods, I am fine. Although I am so cheating this evening. I have ordered in Pizzas for the fornightly Assocates’ Drinks Gathering, and there will be a ice cream core-off. Will need to post about tonight, for sure!

This morning I began my training. I woke up famished so I had a slice of bread before heading out the door for a 6.3km run. It felt good. I have not perspired so much for a long time. But I was also sooo hungry and upper body slightly aching after! I thought I could hold off food till my lunch appointment but I was faltering and in a bad mood. So after alighting from the train, I ran to Huggs for a Vanilla Peanut Butter Protein Shake. I first saw this sign when I accompanied my friend to grab coffee. Peanut Butter!! I have been craving to try this since. 

IMG_3765I may be lactose intolerant but the thought of a thick cold nutty shake was not going to deter me. It was essentially a scoop of Whey Protein Powder and a great big heaping teaspoon of Skippy Peanut Butter blended with ice. I really wanted this to be good but it was o.k. only.  Not the most delicious as I could taste hints of a synthetic-ness from the Whey powder. Nasty.

IMG_3770IMG_3768Still it held me on even to lunch time and I watched my girl friend eat her lunch. Hope she did not mind me yakking the entire time. >_<