The Golden Jubilee Weekend Recap! 

Hello hello!!! How are we all doing after the four-day weekend? Suffering from post-Golden Jubilee withdrawal? That’s fine because it is a 4-day work week! Wooohooo. My Golden Jubilee week was epic! Among many things, I threw two parties! Those took up a lot of time and effort. In the end it was so worth it as my friends declared it the best party I ever threw. So now I am on a post-parties HIGH and want to organize more parties!

Here’s what went down during the weekend. The celebrations began on Thursday evening at The Manor Bar where we celebrated a friend’s belated birthday. I loved how quiet the second-level bar was on the eve of weekend compared to the noise downstairs. The drinks were good!

We surprised the birthday boy with his favourite “cake”, an ice-cream cake from Hagan Daaz. It couldn’t have been more pink! While difficult to cut and it looked as if we destroyed the cake, it was delicious.

A two-layered vanilla and strawberry cake with a surprising base layer of coconut biscuits. As delicious as this cake was, ice-cream cakes are far too troublesome to get.    

My friend bought me this amazing cocktail book from the famous speakeasy bar in New York City, PDT. I devoured it like no other.

On Friday evening, I went with good friends to catch the Sing50 concert – the only Golden Jubilee event I attended. Before the concert, we met up for an early dinner at my favourite Korean Fried Chicken place, Oven & Fried Chicken. Specializing in fried rice chicken, I was super excited to introduce this joint to them. Despite the lack of Watermelon Soju (our favourite), they still enjoyed the crunchy skin and juicy meat as much! Food-street-cred solidified yet again. Woohoo!

We began dinner with a tiny jug of Yoghurt Soju or “Yoju” as my friend called it during the entire evening. Essentially yakult with alcohol, this was very appetizing! We swiftly ordered a second jug.

On this visit, we ordered the Kimchi Pancake that had more vegetables than pancake; loved it!

The classic Fried Rice Chicken and one with mild spicy sauce – all juicy half-portion boneless chicken. I recommend getting the spicy sauced version; out-of-this-world!

We also tried something new: Sauced Jambalaya came with a sauce filled with red chilli padis! This took down a lot of people during dinner.

The Sauced Soy Sauce version – sweet and savoury at the same time.


After dinner, we took the train to the Sports Hub for the Sing50 concert. The audience turnout was huge!

Watched home-grown Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin perform. I was blown away from their singing. But the highlight of the evening was Lang Lang, the renowed pianist. I was in awe of his nimble fingers. 

The LKY montage during his performance was especially touching.

Here is a snippet of his performance.

After the concert, we could not resist snapping a shot of this view.

On Saturday, I spent the day shopping for the party in the evening. Mad crazy amount of shopping and rushing around for décor. It was the first party I threw with so much décor but the multiple trips to the Balloon shop (3! to Middle Road) was so worth it in the end! There was a backdrop to commemorate the weekend…

Went to town at Biscuit King


This shop is so close to my house but last Thursday was my first visit to the shop and I was overwhelmed.

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Tins of beautiful carbohydrates 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬

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Got a KTV system going on…

Made a Singapura Sangria

The theme was Your Favourite Hawker Grub and my friends brought the best and craziest amount of food. Check out the spread…

Which increased as more people arrived.

Notable dishes that evening: Soon Heng Rojak, Bedok Satay, Popiah from Old Airport Road, Hai Cheong Gai from Siang Hee Zi Char

For desserts, there were Paddle Pop ice-cream (my guests went wild!), a beautiful SG50 cake from Edith Patisserie (pandan coconut gula Melaka frosted in red and white frosting), and more ice-cream from Island Creamery (Ping Pong Milo & Chendol).

Intersection of the rich, lovely cake that tasted strongly of Kaya. I was totally in love with the fluffy buttercream.  

Then fun times with the photobooth! My girls. Love them to bits.

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Tonight with them… So fun so fun!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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The KTV got everyone singing and dancing. So many people declared during the party it was the best I organized – mission accomplished!

On National Day, BBQ Party with my family while watching the parade. My cousins know where to get good stuff.

There was a Paleo party going on…

My sis brought vegetables.

Dessert was the same SG50 cake from Edith Patisserie (I got two!) and more ice-cream from the evening before..

  We watched the parade.

Ran out to watch the fighter jets fly by.

Then more photobooth fun!!!  

 What a weekend filled with so much laughter and love. On Monday I was pooped! Happy Belated Birthday Singapore!!!

SPR MRKT Catering: Quality Over Quantity

Last night it was another fortnightly session of Associates Gathering in my office. I was most looking forward to this particular session as SPR MRKT was delivering their newest goods. Some of you may know they cater to this event frequently. At every session, I become the most popular colleague for that evening! It helps with my self-esteem, I am not going to lie. Last night I was hoping to repeat the “glory” and sure enough, SPR MRKT nailed it.

Unlike the previous menus, this menu was a succinct two savouries and two desserts. That’s because the two savouries were higher-priced and you will see, less grubby. Featuring new items from their baby sister, Koskos Café, I could not resist the Crayfish Rolls with Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli and Sriracha Shrimp Paste Chicken with Slaw in a Waffle Cone. Yes, for reals, a waffle cone!  For desserts, two cakes: Double Fudge Chocolate and Coconut Carrot with Butterscotch Frosting. What I love most about SPR MRKT, and the main reason I keep going back to them, spot-on seasoning! It is never under-salted or overwhelming so. The flavourings always balanced. At the end of yesterday evening, my colleagues surprised me by not complaining about the small quantity. In fact they all agreed quality over quantity. I think that means, no more grubby food, we want those crayfish rolls again!

Without further ado, let me show you the spread that made me so popular last night:

Look how the Sriracha Shrimp Paste Chicken with Slaw in a Waffle Cones were delivered…

My colleagues were surprised when they first saw this. “How does one eat this?!” Well, like an ice-cream. It was a delicious fusion take on our beloved Tze Char classic. And the whole cone was filled with juicy fried chicken thigh.

Crayfish Rolls with Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli was the winner of the evening. Check out those scorched marks! I did not see a single person stop at one roll…

For desserts: two perfectly portioned cakes.

The Double Chocolate Fudge Cake was soo rich, just a slice single-handedly took them down. The Coconut Carrot with Butterscotch Frosting was a different story. Think bits of coconut in every bite of the tender carrot sponge with the subtle butterscotch frosting providing another flavour hit. This cake is officially my favourite. I loved every bite of it! Let it sit out at room temperature for a tender texture but at fridge-cold, the flavours are more pronounced.


Can’t wait for more marvellous spread from the ever-reliable SPR MRKT/ Koskos!

Chocolat N Spice’s Hummingbird and Pistachio Lover Cake – The Happiest Valentine’s Day to You All!


My first and best discovery yet of 2015, Chocolat N Spice, this morning once again surprised me with a cake still rarely found in Singapore and at an unbelievable price point. A Hummingbird Cake was the last cake on earth I expected to find at a hawker stall/ bakery in Shunfu Market. At $5 a slice or $40 for the whole cake, the discovery made my morning!


Less popular than its cousin, Red Velvet, this U.S. Southern classic consists of a banana cake fused with coconut and chunks of pineapple paired with cream cheese frosting. Wonderfully tropical and light, it’s one of my favorites that I have baked many atimes and converted many to the flavour at the same time. So far in Singapore I can only think of one other place that serves up this flavour: Cake Spade in Tanjong Pagar. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this huge cake bordered with crushed walnuts priced at $5 a slice. I had to get it! Even if it meant after a huge plates of noodles and an embarrassing amount of deep-fried accompaniments.

On first bite we all squealed out “so fresh!” It really was. The clean crisp moist texture and flavours were unmistakable. Replacing the cream cheese frosting with a cost-saving airy-whipped cinnamon buttercream, thinly spread around the sponge cake and in between three layers. This could not have been more appreciated especially by my 1.5 years old nephew who would not stop picking at it. Generous chunks of pineapple found throughout and crunchy walnuts perfectly contrasted the banana sponge cake and buttercream.

Yet another wonderful find. But wait there is more. Look what I got for lunch from the same stall?!


A slice of Pistachio Lover y’all! Because it’s Valentine’s Day and this singleton needs a lover. Chocolat N Spice certainly hit a pistachio-home-run with three layers of pistachio sponge interspersed with chunks of the same nut to provide texture. To bring home the message that this was a pistachio cake, a beautiful green and thin pistachio buttercream and the best part of it all: salty pistachio crumble bordering the entire cake.


If you can finish this mammoth slice, be prepared for a pistachio-coma to hit you swiftly. I did and am now deeply worried for myself. I have better advise my parents to eschew this hawker centre for breakfast here on now if I want to save my waistline!

Before signing off, I wish you the happiest and most loving Valentine’s Day ever! ❤

Wingstop A No-Show, Tip Top To The Rescue and First-Bite Magic From Edith Patisserie

Last night was another edition of my firm’s fortnightly Associates’ Gathering! My colleagues were missing Fried Chicken so I had Wingstop all planned out. Four days before, a fairly large order on Foodpanda was placed and unlike my first time, I selected the Cash on Delivery option. Guess what? At 6pm, the star of the evening was a no-show! After a panic call to Foodpanda, I was informed my order was missed… Bleh. So I ran down to the basement of One Raffles Place and grabbed whatever fried food was available from Tip Top. Unbelievably at 6 plus in the evening, the display shelf was remarkably full. *phew* When I ran back up to my office with four boxes of fried grub (gosh, I will never forget the smell of overused oil…), guess what? Foodpanda called to say my Wingstop order was on the way… No, thank you. FYI, Chicken Up is now available on Foodpanda. Woopee to another fried chicken choice!

The savoury side may have been a letdown but the same cannot be said for the dessert from Edith Patisserie. At the risk of sound boastful, first LOOK at this cake…


Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake: Vanilla Sponge, bittersweet salted caramel, salted caramel buttercream topped with Garett’s CaramelCrisp Popcorn.

You got to admit, I knocked my ordering-street-cred out of the ballpark AGAIN!

Check out the neat layers and don’t get me started on the divine whipped buttercream…


However first-bite magic came from the Mini Creme Brulee Eclairs: Mini eclair filled with toasted custard filling, topped with crunchy caramel. The slab of crunchy caramel providing contrasting texture to the softly-whipped filling made all the difference in the world. I first ordered this in November last year together with the Chocolate flavour but this flavour registered deeply in me so a return order was essential!


How good were the eclairs? Last night, I did not see a single person who first bit into it and not declare how good it was.

And finally 16 mini assorted tarts because my dictionary only contains the word “VARIETY”. The Fresh Mango Passionfruit and the Chocolate Salted Caramel were heartbreakers.


Altogether my order from Edith Patisserie including delivery to the CBD area cost $140. And I am now stalking their website and Instagram account planning my next order…

Before I end off, here is another picture of the cake to drool over…


It’s Friday, guys! Hope you all have many delicious meals planned. Can’t wait to update you all on mine on Monday. 🙂