The Past Weekend


How was your weekend? Mine was fun and productive! I started off Saturday morning accompanying my parents to the supermarket where I got my hands on many fresh vegetables and bananas. The bananas were chopped up and put in the freezer for my favourite Smoothies. I foresee a week of delicious Smoothies to kickstart my mornings. For the vegetables, I made my own JUICE!

As you may know, I am a bit of a juice cleanse fanatic. I go on it once a week. However for this month, I am saving on the cold-pressed juice expenses because of this:


Facial products from the dematologist. I dropped some serious dough on them to treat the persistent light rosacea on my face. A costly invesment which should also hopefully restrain me from piling on the foundation. While at it, this also meant I blew my juice cleanse budget. Not wanting to forego my juices, I had to get creative and low budget. I got a list of recipes from the Suja Juice Classic range and blended the ingredients accordingly. Without a cold-pressed juicer, I HAND SQUEEZED them using a strainer bag. It was a tedious process and my arms were so SORE after. But I yielded a ton of juice! Very close to 1 litre per recipe. More importantly, I had full control of the sweetness level. As you may know, one of the downside of cold-pressed juices is the sugar from the fruits. This might result in diabetes and diabetics are also STRONGLY discouraged from going on juice cleanses. Me cutting back on the fruits meant the juices were not as appetizing with the flavour being very “green”. It took a while for me to get used to but it is all better in the grand scheme of things. I am definitely going to dedicate a whole post to the process. I promise.

On Saturday evening, I attended a Durian Party which I blogged about here. On Sunday afternoon, an uber delicious half-Family lunch at Pizzeria Mozza which I blogged about it here. Thereafter we headed to the BMW Motor Show 2014 where we came across this creative napkin in the pop-up cafe in the exhibition.


My parents and I did some shopping and my Mum and I walked away with two pairs of shoes from the Kurt Gieger store in MBS. Mine was a Miss KG pair of heels and my Mum got a Carvela pair. Hurray to sales!


Now it is Monday. Five-day working week, we can do it, guys!

Picnic Dinner at Ballet Under the Stars


It was a wonderful Saturday evening with my family at the 19th edition of Ballet Under The Stars. As it was her birthday, my sister treated us to the Singapore Dance Theatre’s performance at The Fort Canning Green. Between you and me, my family was more excited about the picnic than the performance. Until that evening, none of us inquired about the ballet performance!

The performance began at 7.30pm but my family reached at 6.30pm. I could not help but remark about our eager beaver-ness but there was an incredibly long, albeit fast-moving, queue to get in. Good job, Singapore Dance Theatre! When we walked into the performance area, my jaw dropped.


It was so crowded. As it turned out, my family was not the eagerest beavers…


The crowd must have arrived at 5.30pm?!

As we were pretty “late”, we headed right to the back of the white tents (above picture) and lay down our picnic mat and a plastic table cover for my family of seven adults and one child.

Then we lay out our spread. What a feast! My sister baked Korean Chicken Wings, my parents brought an assortment of takeaway from Dino Cake House and Cafe. For dessert, my eldest sister and brother-in-law got some traditional Chinese dessert soup.


It was Dino’s Fried Rice and Fried Bee Hoon that got us most excited. Weeks before, we were unisonly craving for the Fried Rice which we have been enjoyed since Dino first opened along Upper Thomson Road in 1993(!) My friends, I am so happy to tell to you the Fried Rice was still as fragrant and flavourful as the first day. Ditto the generous amount of ingredients. I turned down dinner during the week with my colleagues just for Dino and oh boy was it worth it! Another notable dish from Dino is the Chicken Pie. Each might be a bit small but packed with a delicious savoury creamy chicken filling encased by a flaky buttery puff pastry. Definitely my newest obsession.

Anyway you might be thinking surely we were not using our individual cutlery, and eating straight from the sharing containers? Oh don’t you worry, we are a hygienic family. See those black plastic container bowls below?


They used to contain takeaway salad from Spinelli but my Dad, who is a mega-fan of the salad, brings them home where they are given a good wash, and are as good as brand new. Those plastic containers are sturdy and tall, they can even hold slices of three-layered cakes! That evening, they served us so well.

And wait a minute, did you not think I would contribute too? Surprise surprise! I got us an assortment of cold-pressed juices from Daily Juice Singapore! The juices were a hit with my family. The cold refreshing drinks came in handy especially during parts of the wind-less stale evening.


Sitting on higher ground meant a lot of enjoyable people watching.


Some groups were pretty smart. They brought make-shift tables (above picture, bottom left). The party next to us brought an English Picnic Basket complete with cutlery and crockery tied to the inside cover of the basket. It was incredible! However I did notice the same party brought Sushi for dinner and ate with chopsticks leaving the cutlery and crockery untouched. Mmh… I’m not sure if the novelty of a picnic basket was worth the effort of lugging the whole shenanigans around.

In front of me, the party started off their evening with a tempting bottle of Bubbly…


Needless to say, I was pretty envious.


I whispered to my second brother-in-law, the only other person in my family who drinks, that next time I am so bringing Gin & Tonic, and he HAS to drink with me. I think that was the only time during the night I was not joking around. Aha.

I just realized I have not mentioned the performance which was better during the second half with the more energetic dance moves and music. However my head was among the clouds and I could not help but admire the low hanging clouds throughout the night.


We had a good time and the picnic made us consider watching another performance. If not for the multiple mosquito bites I suffered that evening, I will make my family go for weekly picnics!

Around the Internet: Midweek Recap


Hello my friends, I have been reading so many wonderful articles around the internet in the past few days that I simply can not wait until the end of the week to share them with you.

A review on Blogshop at Home by one of my favourite London Bloggers, UrbanPixxels. An online class on working with Photoshop to create the chic-est blog templates and pictures. Each class cost close to US$300 and I am soo tempted to sign up for the August 23/24 class. Should I?

The Pressery: a cold pressed juice company in London dedicated to just cold pressed Almond Milk. It sounds delicious and the packaging of the bottle is so chic!

Need a baking inspiration? How about a Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberry Glaze?

Not into baking, how about homemade white cardamom & lavender milk jam?

Cold off the Press: The Spicy Gazpacho sounds scrumptious!

Summer Hostess Gifts – I’m hosting a brunch this Monday, is it greedy to secretly wish my guests will get something off this list for me?


The Weekend of Good Films

Grand budapestHow was your weekend? I was at home relaxing and lazing around for most parts. However it was not a wasted weekend as I rented two movies and watched both on each day; The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Monuments Men. Both were very very good. My Mum and I specially rented Wes Anderson’s latest film; she had not watched it before and was very keen after hearing good reviews. Despite my second time, I am happy to write that it was still as good as my first time. I felt the same merriment from the quirky film with its whimsical music and beautiful costumes! The Zubrowka Policeman’s grey uniform is still my favourite of them all.   grand-budapest-hotel-edward-norton-1And of course, this delicious scene was my favourite. 🙂


The Monuments Men was surprisingly captivating and now I regret not watching it in the cinema. I really should not have trusted the poor reviews. The film follows an allied army group nicknamed the “Monuments Men”, who were tasked with finding and saving pieces of art and other culturally important items before their destruction by the Nazis then later the Soviets during World War II. Watch them run around most of Europe risking their lives to protect the art from being taken away, figure out the ingenious hiding places, and at the same time having to beat the Soviets who wanted the precious art as reparations for having lost 20 million soldiers. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and was profoundly affected by the last-ditched efforts of the SS officers to destroy the art work when Germany surrended!

The film is loosely based on a non-fictional book but did you know the movie is almost true to the real life? There is a National Geographic documentary on the true story with scene from the movie and interviews by George Clooney and Matt Damon as well! Do watch Hunting Hitlers Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men below, if you are as obsessed as me!

For my family’s usual Sunday lunch, we took away hawker food for home. This was a wise choice as the weather that afternoon was unbearably warm and humid. My sister went to Shufu Road Market and Food Centre and got us delicious Fried Hokkien Noodles and a trio of traditonal Cantonese roast meat: duck, pork belly and char siew. The Hokkien Mee, a dish of egg noodles and rice noodles in a fragrant prawn stock with the addition of shrimps, squid, and pork, was so satisfying! I had plates of it. The Roast Duck, from Fu Shi Traditional Roasted, was delicious with it’s crispy fatty skin. My Mum went to Toa Payoh and got us the famous Carrot Cake. It was cold by lunch but it was still tasty. 🙂


On another note, have you given out Almond Milk as gifts?


Well last week I did. I got the new The Dark Knight Nut Mylk from Daily Juice Singapore and the usual Nut Mylk for my Mum. Both recipients thoroughly enjoyed my gifts. Did you know Almond is high in magnesium and is great for insomnia? No wonder I usually feel so drowsy after drinking a whole big bottle (500ml) of it. 🙂

That’s all from me today. Hope you had a good, relaxing and educational weekend too!

Around the Internet: reads for the weekend

I am getting all inspired and laughing from sites I read recently:

16 Surprising Things About Parenting In China. Expats experience on parenting in China. Their observations and sense of humour is on point and hilarious!

Best friend-less. I am not the only one. *phew*

Real time updates on Borough Market. I am still in a London state of mind. Oh October, could you come any quicker?!

Let’s Go To A British Supermarket! Get ready to laugh. I am a supermarket addict, still so after leaving my Deli job four years ago. My obssession for seeing all types of food and packaging never died. Amateur Gourmet’s adventure in a British supermarket is hilarious! It made me crave for Marks and Spencers in London. Can’t wait to attack Waitrose and Whole Foods Market in London this October!

There is a new food market in London: Bishopsgate Market. Gosh! When did the obsession w street food start? In any case, hurray to more good food! Although will any be open in October???

I just discovered a new London-based food blog.

Just started on the US TV political drama, House of Cards. Have you watched the Netflix show before? I like Kevin Spacey but the effortless coolness of Robin Wright awed me!

An introduction to Filipino food. In Singapore, find them all over Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road. I am a personal fan of Sinigang, a sour and savory soup.

If you love peanut butter. Here is one more surprising excuse to attack the jar. :p

A nifty trick to relieve tension headache. I am so going to need this on my next juice cleanse.

New cold pressed juice bars in Singapore and London, so exciting! And London’s Mojo Juice Bar’s hashtag #findmemymojo is hilarious!

While we are on the topic on Cold Pressed Juices in London, 4 Juicy Favourites to try if you are in London!

Five of the most beautiful lakes around the world. Weekends are made for wanderlusting.

Step-by-step pictures of S’more Cakes prepared from a food processer!

Another feature on The Serious Eats, all you need to know about biscuits.

Need some baking inspiration for the weekend? How about this Passion Fruit, Persimmon and Pepper Pavlova?

Eat Barcelona. Need I say more?

Acai Bowls. The newest Breakfast trend. Are you on board? I would be if Acai wasn’t so hard to find in Singapore.

*Phew* What a list for just two days! May yours be filled with love and lots of kindness.

Today is Cleanse Day!

20140715-081233-29553543.jpg Posting this on the way to work. Stay tune as I update further on today’s cleanse and more importantly, drinking thawed cold pressed juices that I bought last week. Does it taste the same? Does it still taste fresh? Update in a bit!

And I’m seriously the most forgetful person on earth! Yesterday something was weighing on my mind the entire day and I couldn’t put my finger onto it. Until late last night when I realised I completely forgot to update a table for registration of a society!!! Gosh YY!! So I’m rushing into work to update it as quick as possible. And also this morning, a long meeting on a book I’m co-writing. I’m gonna need all the green juice energy as possible! Have a good day everyone!

[Update at 10am]


Drinking my second juice as I type this and it is a new flavour for me, Salaryman (Celery, Cucumber, and Green Apple). During my first cleanse, I had the same drinks for all three days and I was very bored to be honest. So last week, I emailed Roger for a change for the three days and they were super sweet. They delivered every single flavour available in the shop. Yayy to efficient businesses! Salaryman is a pretty light green drink that reminds me of lime juice but far from it taste-wise. I am not a big fan of celery so this drink definitely takes some getting used to.

As mentioned earlier, I am drinking defrosted juice. I bought a 3-day cleanse last week but after a day, I felt properly cleansed so I froze the remaining bottles for future post-indulgent days. And as can be seen from my earlier entries, it is actually a weekly affair. I just can’t resist letting go and indulgent once a week! After my heavy durian weekend, I really needed a cleanse so on Sunday, I pulled out some bottles from the freezer and defrosted it safely in the fridge. When I had my first bottle, Krypto, it tasted surprisingly fresh! I have drank expired juices before and there was a strong rancid taste that was not present here. However the solids within did not dissolve as well and there little visible ones floating around. Not exactly the most inviting and I hope it is fine because it definitely taste alright.

[Update at 9.05pm]

Hello hello!! Done with today’s juices and it was surprisingly a breeze! The previous headaches did not make an appearance today and when hunger struck, I quickly drank a juice, to which my belly was satiated. Energy-wise, I was surprised to find myself full of it. I attended two meetings, accompanied my colleagues to lunch where I watched them inhale in fried chicken but was not tempted then accompanied them to the Daily Juice shop where one of them put down an order for a 3 days cleanse beginning tomorrow! (“I just want to get it over and done with”: she said). At the same time, I purchased a small bottle of Nut Mylk as I finished my big bottle in a moment of greediness last week. The tiny Nut Mylk is sooo cute! I shall post the picture in a bit. Ooo and Daily Juice has a new juice called The Dark Knight. It is essentially Nut Mylk with raw cacao and cinnamon added in. I personally preferred Nut Mylk as it had a stronger almond flavour but when I told my friends, they could not help but swoon over the cacao. And more importantly today, I could even joke with my colleagues who dropped by my desk for a quick chat. I am so pleased to have sailed through the day, maybe my body is finally getting used to these juices now. 🙂


The Past Weekend

A new weekend is upon us but before a quick update of my last weekend. It was epic, mad tiring and so unforgettable!

I started off the weekend with a new manicure. 20140709-141425-51265801.jpg

On Friday after work, first I hung out with my colleagues. We had declicious food at Mad Men Atiic Bar.


Walked over to Overeasy to find some friends and chanced upon the biggest Fried Onion Ring ever at Overeasy.


Went to Butter Factory for a bit. Then hitched a cab to The Wine Bar next to Zouk to meet up my friend Ester, and caught the Germany vs France game. When the game ended, we went to look for supper.

We tried to get some Henderson Yong Tau Foo but the queue was too long and slow so we moved on.


Chanced upon a Hainanese Curry Rice stall at Block 22A Havelock Road.


Massive amount of food that cost only $20 for 4 people.


Stuffed up and filled with energy, we decided to catch the Brazil vs Columbia match at Robertson Quay at 4am. Surrounded by passionate Brazilian fans, it was an experience of a lifetime!


On Saturday evening, we celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday party! Cute ballons were present.



My sister and brother fed us silly with their Hot Dog Bar


Who doesn’t love Johnsonville sausages?


Some delicious tacos salad to lighten up the sausage-heavy dinner


There was the most delicious ice-cream cake from Swensons for dessert. My nephew was unbelievably well-behaved and was stuffed with chips.


It was an awesome birthday party.


Then Monday quickly came along and I started on my second juice cleanse.


Today is Friday again, cheers to fun-filled weekend everyone!