Tea and Scones @ the V&A Cafe, Victoria & Albert Musuem, London


Can you guys believe I am not done with posting on my epic trip to Europe more than two weeks ago?! I did and ate so much that I must tell you all about it.

A musuem cafe was the last place on earth I would expect to find decent food. Maybe it’s because I can’t fathom making a trip to any Singapore musuems so as to check out their cafes (if there is even any). The last time I ate in a Singapore musuem was when the flea-market, Public Garden, was held in the National Musuem and I scored myself a cupcake from Vanilla Bakery. Hence my one and only afternoon tea experience at the Victoria & Albert Musuem in South Kensington blew me away, and since then has forever changed my impression of musuems.

I really tried to go cultural in London. A city filled with renowned museums containing world-famous exhibitions, I was very keen on visiting one in particular at the V&A: Wedding Dresses 1775-2014. My girl friend was more than happy to accompany me and catch up at the same time.

But she suggested we start with the Scones at the V&A Cafe. My hopes were not high but when she came back to our table armed with the most beautiful printed-tray, I was in awe and knew right away it was going to be a good afternoon tea!


As if things couldn’t be more delightful at this point; MATCHING printed-paper cups. Isn’t this one of the prettiest paper cup you have ever seen?! It totally made the Chamomile Tea so much more special.


I was also impressed with the huge scone. It was on steroids; as big as my palm. The moist doughy raisin scone was uplifted with traditional clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam from a tiny Wilkinson & Sons jam pot. My girl friend and I certainly did not held back and slathered on all of the cream. It was delicious!

The Cafe was also pretty amazing. To begin with, my jaw dropped when I walked in and saw where we were having simple scones.


Isn’t this one of the beautiful space to enjoy a hot tea in the chilly London weather?

My girl friend went to pick up our tea and scones while I dutifully “choped” for us seats. Except I couldn’t sit for long and minutes later, I was on my feet exploring… The food area was HUGE. There were like three sections. One for sandwiches and savouries, and another just dedicated to sweet treats.


See more pictures of the cafe here! I was also so grateful for the complimentary water.

Then I had to visit the Ladies and it was all vintage and again prettyyyyyy.


A gorgeous musuem filled with the prettiest of things, the V&A Musuem was a highlight of my trip. I may not had an all-out Afternoon Tea with tier-ed trays and finger sandwiches but this scone satisfied my craving for one.

In the end, we had such a comfortable time sitting and chatting at the cafe that we had to dash off to Gold Mine for dinner and never made it to the exhibition. >_<

If you fancy an afternoon tea at the Musuem, or just want to swoon at pretty things, find more details about the Cafe here!