Lamb Cupcakery @ Marina Bay Link Mall: Awoke The Cupcake Monster [Updated]

 When I first bit into Lamb Cupcakery’s Dark Chocolate cupcake, my dormant obsession with cupcakes awoke. Instantly I transcended into the happiest place on earth. And I felt my 8-year old love for cupcakes rushing back. You have to understand, the incredibly fluffy yet fudgy chocolate frosting was sublime. Adorned with more chocolate shards, I was swooning and sighing with every bite. If this bakery sold frosting shots like the crazy US bakeries (they should), I would buy it in a heartbeat! It also helps that the chocolate sponge cake was a “moist-central”. AND I had it the day after purchasing! In the Singapore heat, the chocolate frosting was all soft and luscious – perfection.

I was fortunate to try many flavours from Lamb Cupcakery in a short span of time; seven. My favourites were inevitably the chocolate-based cupcakes like the Peanut Butter Fudge. Oh gosh that rich Peanut butter frosting is an absolute killer! Tasted exactly like whipped Smucker’s. With extra chocolate fudge within – first-bite magic. The Milo Dino was another heart-breaker. Consisting of a triple Milo-whammy: luscious and rich malt chocolate frosting, milo powder AND a milo nugget. If this was available when I was a kid, I’m sure my school would have sent letters of concern to my parents due to significant weight gain. On the other hand, the Sweet S’mores was a little too much. Consisting of a dark chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker base, rich Belgium chocolate ganache,  graham cracker crumbs and topped with a torched marshmallow meringue icing. I’m afraid there were simply too many strong elements competing with each other at the same time. Skip this and stick with the first three flavours mentioned. My good friend swears the Chocolate Salted Caramel tops them all. I have yet to try. Looks like another trip is absolutely necessary. I tried it, I tried it!!! Scroll below for details. 

On the non-chocolate front, the Carrot Cake topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting was super chunky; containing more carrot-apricot-pecans than cake. I am still torn about this. While I do like to get my money’s worth with generous ingredients. On the other hand, I missed the texture of a sponge cake. Needless to say, the frosting was an absolute dream.

I wished the vanilla-based cupcakes could be more flavourful. The Strawberry topped with a slight tangy strawberry buttercream did not hit home with me. But my friends thoroughly enjoyed it. And the pink buttercream was prettyyyy. Surprisingly I did not enjoy the Red Velvet flavour. Widely lauded and the best seller (but wait, which Red Velvet product isn’t in Singapore?!), the red food colouring in the sponge cake was too strong for me. It was also a tad dry (I had two at different times so this was a consistent flaw).

Lamb Cupcakery has scored big time in my heart. Wide selection but do note they run out fast and the flavours are not always available. Baked fresh, time is needed to prepare a new batch ensuring freshness in every bite. So don’t be too disappointed if your desired flavour is not available. Another amazingness of this bakery? With the baker’s parents manning the shopfront, they provide the warmest service EVER! I can never help myself but smile and chit-chat with them on every visit. I am sure you will be equally as enamored with this little bakery as me.

[Update] 21st May 2015

This afternoon this Cupcake Monster braved the heat and walked to purchase 24 cupcakes. It’s another Associates’ Gathering evening! My colleagues need to try this place. While there, I could not resist picking up two for myself! Can you blame me after seeing this display??? 

I got a wide variety for my colleagues.

But for myself, them. One of the four Thursday specials, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and a Vanilla Hazelnut Chocolate

From left: Chocolate Salted Caramel and Vanilla Hazelnut Chocolate
From left: Chocolate Salted Caramel and Vanilla Hazelnut Chocolate

The Chocolate Salted Caramel is essentially the Double Chocolate flavour (that I adore so much!!) drizzled with Salted Caramel AND stuffed with more salted caramel. You know how irritating some places can be when the salted caramel is just sweet with no saltiness at all? Not at Lamb. Their salted caramel was equal parts sweet, equal parts salty. Biting into it, the contrasting flavours paired with the perfect textures was out-of-this-world! This cupcake kept calling out to me to “eat me!” When I reluctantly finished this piece, only sadness left in my heart. I need more. Forget TGIF. Thursday is the new Friday!

Fluffly chocolate buttercream means salted caramel. You won’t regret the calories.

The Vanilla Hazelnut Chocolate is not a Thursday special but regular customers get priority 😉 This cupcake was essentially a Ferrero Rocher on steroids. Consisting of a Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with a hazelnut chocolate ganache topped with crunchy caramelised hazelnuts, those hazelnuts were the Game Changer. The crunchiness and fragrance of the sweet nuts perked up the whole cupcake. Its addictiveness only harmful to the waistline.

  I am not a fan of Ferrero Rocher chocolates but I could pop this baby in everyday.

While not a fan of the vanilla-based sponge, this piece was made so desirable thanks to the thick and rich chocolate hazelnut ganache paired with the hazelnuts. Sold.

The only way to roll with Lamb? Eat the chocolate buttercream from your fingers. Trust me on this.


SPR MRKT Catering: Always Reliable & Delicious

Thanks to SPR MRKT, for two sessions in a row, I was the most popular colleague! Yeah! Who doesn’t love to be loved by many?! (Read here for details on my part-time job as Feeder and the continuing series.) I love ordering from SPR MRKT as they are flexible, accomodative, and efficient. Whenever a menu is sent over for my review, any suggestions would be quickly addressed. The menu would be promptly amended to suit my colleagues’ penchant for deep-fried grub. Plus I can count on their punctuality. 6p.m. sharp. Always. Needless to say, the food is always delicious or sublime. Each order is supposed to feed 25 pax. But I reckon it can easily feed 30 and above. SPR MRKT is that generous with the portions.  

Two weeks ago, the menu for the evening was Chicken Satay, Herb-crusted Fish & Chips with Tartare Sauce in a bag, Fried Chicken Wings with Paprika and Thai Chilli Sauce, Mini Tiramisu, and Canele. An exciting array of food made even more exciting by the superb quality.

The Herb-crusted Fish & Chips with Tartare Sauce in a bag was such a crowd-pleaser as each colleague “owned” a bag. Each contaied a chunk of fish and skinny fries. We sure felt like kindergarten kids at a birthday party except these bags were filled with yummier stuff. My colleagues raved about the tartare sauce and sturdy chunk of white fish. My advice: be very careful of those chips – highly addictive.

The Chicken Satay was not your usual fatty meat on a stick. This was a whole slab of boneless chicken thigh topped with the most texturous and peanut-y sauce. Subtly sweet, it took a lot of willpower for me to not scrap off the peanut sauce from the other skewers. The Fried Chicken Wings with Paprika and Thai Chilli Sauce was a satisfying take on the classic bar snack. The thick crunchy batter, albeit someone in the kitchen was a little too heavy-handed with the seasoning, left us all very happy. The Thai Chilli Sauce was served in separate containers – win.

This cafe has always killed it when it comes to desserts and that evening was no different. The boozy Mini Tiramisu were each topped with generous shaved chocolate! Say goodbye to self-control and your waistline because you will not be able to stop at one. I know my colleagues fought a tough battle. One had four(!) of those sweet innocent-looking Caneles. I can’t blame them. Custardy interior paired with a burnt caramelized exterior, it may not be the best I had but was a good effort. (FYI, my best Canele ever was Momofuku Seiobo)


Two weeks later and last night, I had to order from SPR MRKT again. This time a completely different menu: Grilled Paprika Beef & Vegetable Skewer, Tortilla Chips with Con Carne Salsa and Sour cream, Shrimp Paste Chicken Thigh with Sriracha Sauce, SPRMRKT Mini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce. However I feel my colleagues are getting spoilt by SPR’s food. They moaned and missed the Herb-crusted Fish & Chips from a fortnight ago. They said the shrimp paste chicken thigh was a tad salty (until someone did a miraculous thing: dip in sour cream from the tortilla chips – complete game-changer!) For the next few sessions, I hope they like MacDonald’s. Nevertheless the spread last night took their breaths away. Can you blame them?

There were two epic trays of Tortilla Chips with Chilli Con Carne! Carb heaven! And the chips were, hands down, my favourite of all the SPR MRKT grub. Truly satisfying comfort food.

The Salsa and Sour Cream were packed separately ensuring the chips arrived crunchy. Another reason why I love SPR MRKT. Food always arrives piping hot and fresh!

The Shrimp Paste Chicken Thigh or Hai Cheong Gai with its super crisp chicken skin and juicy meat had most of the crew congregating around the tray. At the end, when the chicken was finished, people were still picking at the leftover chicken skin.

Two tubs of Sriracha Sauce, also separately packed, in ice-cream-like paper containers. We sure had a wild time dipping into the sauce. Then a colleague dipped into the Sour Cream from the tortillas and we fell further in love with the fried chicken. The heaviness cut by the tangy cream – LOVELY!

I did not take a clear shot of the Grilled Paprika Beef & Vegetable Skewer because it did not look appetizing but I was so wrong! This was a piece of steak on a stick. Each piece of juicy tender beef was threaded with grilled zucchini and peppers. Those who could take beef last night all fell madly in love with the smoky beef flavour. Plus many pieces still had luscious beef fat on it. By the time I found out about its tastiness, my hands were too oily to take another picture. First world problems.

The SPRMRKT Mini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce, packed separately, was unsurprisingly a crowd pleaser. The only complaint that night: inadequate. My complaint was that the size was a perfect fit to pop the whole damn thing into the mouth; i.e. bread pudding poppers! Terribly addictive, this dessert yet again only served to bring us tremendous joy and ruin our waistlines. 😦

SPR MRKT Catering never fails to deliver. It is wonderfully comforting to know where one can go for reliable food providers. Enquire with the cafe on their catering services. Cutleries and paper plates were always provided. Except we did not need them as we are savages. Check out their blog or mine, for ideas on your own menu. They are extremely accomodative and by the looks of things, value-for-money. You won’t regret with them. My Mum wants to organize a gathering just so she can cater from them. 🙂         

Ssäm @ Marina Bay Link Mall: Korean-Mexican Kitchen Does Fusion SO WELL! [Updated]

Picture pulled from Ssam's Facebook
Picture pulled from Ssam’s Facebook

This lunchtime, I had an epic Pork Belly & Shoulder Salad bowl from Ssäm! Specializing in Korean-Mexican fusion food, this tiny hole-in-the-wall is sandwiched in between Four Seasons Gourmet Market and Viet Baguette Cafe of the Mall. Ever cognizant of the market like a true savy investor, thankfully Ssäm does salad-based bowls too. The Korean influence is present in the protein options (such as Bulgogi beef and Kimchi add-ons) but Mexican at heart (Burritos and rice bowls).

I am so happy because my lunch was filled wtih the most delicious flavours and exciting textures. I was literally jumping for joy after! More importantly, so satisfied and satiated that I did not even need dessert after. Now I can’t stop thinking of my lunch and already planning my next trip! O_o

Ssäm means wrapped in Korean, though it traditionally refers to wrapped in lettuce leaves. What we we have is pieces of delicious meat delicately nestled between the bosoms of a warm tortilla and a spicy blend of pickled veg. This combination of Korean Galbi with Mexican salsa and spices is a match made in food heaven.

Picture pulled from Ssam's Facebook

Picture pulled from Ssam’s Facebook

The ordering is pretty easy, choose a base: a burrito, rice bowl (Cilantro Rice or Kimchi Rice), or a salad. Then choose between 4 staples of the menu which are the proteins: they have Korean-marinated Beef, Crackling Pork Belly & Shoulders, Grilled Chicken, and Soy-marinated Tofu. Finally finish things off with your choice and any amount of Basil Leaves, Cabbage Kimchi, Spring Onion Kimchi, Candied Lotus Roots (highly recommended), Seaweed (highly recommended), Scallions, tomato salsa (highly recommended), Kimchi salsa (highly recommended), and a dressing. Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or Guacamole are available at an extra charge. The concept is not novel. It is exactly the same method as Chipotle in the USA. But who cares, it works!

Picture pulled from Ssam's Facebook

Picture pulled from Ssam’s Facebook

Affordably priced at $8 for all protein save for the beef ($9) without the extras, my hearty lunch was a huge portion. I was stuffed beyond words. My lunch was a Salad Bowl with Crackling Pork Belly & Shoulder, with Kimchi, Seaweed, Tomato Salsa, Kimchi salsa, Lotus root, and Sesame Seeds. My lunch companion’s bowl (top in the first picture) consisted of a rice bowl, beef, fried scallions, onions, and seaweed with guacamole added in. Needless to say, she couldn’t finish either.

I thoroughly enjoyed my choice of protein: pork belly & shoulder as the meat was cooked to tender-perfection, packed with flavour and… BITS of PORK CRACKLING sprinkled throughout. Every bite had a crunchy bit – sublime. I could not stop. Plus my side components were absolutely delightful with punchy flavours and crunchy textures. If you work in the area, GO TRY! I can’t wait to try the other proteins.

A word of advice: GO EARLY. I went at 1.15pm and got the last portion of salad! Plus a lot of other components were out too. Further this place is tiny. Be prepared to not get a seat inside but there are long benches just outside. Those are comfortable and great for people watching!

[Updated on 4th May 2015]

So I returned for my Ssam fix this afternoon. For the sake of research, I got the beef. Unbelievably, it was more fabulous than the pork belly & shoulder! I could not believe what was in my mouth. The tender-thin slices of beef were so flavourful. However unlike the pork, the Korean-style sauce was on the sweet side. But it was a harmonious sweet-savoury contrast. Two visits and I have not craved for a dressing yet.

I am so in love this with little spot. Can you tell?

Lean Bento: Introducing “Chicken” to Raffles Place

Raffles Place has a new health eatery and I raced to fill my stomach with it! Founded by two extremely fit people, Lean Bento is located on the second floor of the Arcade (opposite the money charger, Loo & Ng) and boasts guilt-free bento meals at amazingly low calories. No more than 460 kCal per bento set. Sounds like a winner of all the healthy eateries RP has got going for her. But is victory clear?

The eatery is upfront about all the kcal, protein and carbohydrates contained within a set. It is also extremely proud of its hashtags (#HIGHPROTEIN #LOWCARB #LOWFAT #LOWCALORIE #EATCLEAN #EATLEAN #GLUTENFREE #PEANUTFREE). Quite frankly the first two hashtags alone caused me to sail past the bakeries in the Arcade with ease, and head straight to the cafe to nourish my body. Who needs low nutritional carbohydrates when a 500 kCal lunch awaits me? This afternoon I got myself a High Protein Honey Mustard Chicken Bento for $11.90. However my 447 kCal lunch eft me baffled. Because I swear I did not eat any chicken.

First up, the tiny but spacious cafe boasted a sleek interior. The clean feel of this place and friendly service staff made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Those display cabinets were actually heated. Yup, those high-protein muffins on the top shelf were served warm!  

But I am going to come right out and say I have very mixed feelings about this place. Within my seemingly simple bento set, I had so many likes and dislikes. The branding, labels and nutritional information are amazing, for sure! Who does not like transparency especially when nutrition is involved?!

My lunch boasts more protein than carbohydrates –> fabulous! Less than 600kCal for lunch –> YES! I await those abs or the day I look remotely similar to the fit owners.

Inside my bento set, there were many different components –> super fun! For an ADHD-eater like me, this was great. I was kept entertained until the very end.

But that’s when my mixed feelings came in. Some of the side dishes were executed to perfection. Check out the runny yolk of the semi-boiled egg. Gorgeous, isn’t it?! The green Japanese seaweed pickle, delicious! Those yellow cubes surrounding my main are eggs! A la Japanese Tamago-style. Them and the cubed carrots were great!

Now moving on to the dislike bit. Naturally at just 447 kCal, gravy or any other delicious seasoning will be lacking. The set felt very clean. Neat brocolli and cauliflower will take some getting used to. But the gloopy sticky brown rice and mushrooms, what’s up with that? The rice did not sit well on my tongue. But the biggest problem was the “chicken”, which by the way are the three coin patties studded with mustard seeds.

Here is a close up intersection of the “chicken”. No, it ain’t chicken breast or thigh as can be found elsewhere in Raffles Place. It was three patties that did not taste anything like chicken. They tasted… processed and… fake. In fact, I am still having difficulty digesting it. Two hours after lunch, I am still burping out the smell of the patty. Sorry, TMI.

I want to like Lean Bento. With the transparent nutritional information, eating healthily in Raffles Place never seemed easier. But when the menu says chicken, I expected a piece of chicken breast. I don’t understand why a “chicken” patty was used in place of a real chicken part that can be so easily found?!

Having said that, my friends thoroughly enjoyed their Salmon bento. I think I will stick to that the next time. And those forever-warm high-protein muffin… Desserts at unbelievably low calories, I will be back!

Katanashi Japanese Tapas Bar: Fun and Delicious!

Japanese Izakaya, Katanashi, on Boat Quay serves up delicious affordable Bento rice bowls on weekdays lunch. I have blogged about it before. Every visit, my friends and I naturally have to queue. At night, however, it serves up Japanese Tapas. Last Friday, I finally got the opportunity to check it out. A friend from Hong Kong was in town and I wanted to bring her somewhere totally unique. Katanashi fit the bill. Japanese Tapas is not common in Singapore (and I pray in Hong Kong too) and Katanashi has these little charming details such as a hand-written and drawn menu that I hoped will delight my girl friend. Plus their earnestness to serve up simple delicious little Japanese treats is simply heart-warming.

Katanashi’s menu may be small but boosts many signature dishes. At the same time, they have a separate special menu serving up specially-crafted-for-the-day dishes. Check out their Facebook page. On our visit, my friends safely left the ordering to me. I came to the restaurant fully prepared. Days of stalking Instagram (#katanashi) led me to order a wide variety of dishes. Each were as yummy as the next! We were more than satisfied with our dinner at Katanashi.

Katanashi is well-known for its cute illustrations. Their menus and wet tissue packets are hand drawn. It is hard not to smile at the cute drawings. But their personalized reservation cards definitely takes the cake!  


First to arrive on our table was the extremely popular Raw Tuna with a Breaded Crumb on a bed of tar tar sauce. Almost every table had this plate and for good reasons. The pink smooth texture of the tuna and freshness contrasting beautifully with the sourish sauce had us wanting more.

The Japanese ‘Okonomiyaki’-style Omelette may sound boring but it was filled with lovely big pieces of pork, grated yam, dried shrimp topped with bonito flakes and a thick sweet brown sauce. The game-changer was the slightly underdone middle that was just gooey – delightful! In short, a perfectly executed omelette.

Katanashi Fried Chicken or KFC is another popular dish. Deep-fried to perfection with unmistakable juiciness when we first bit into it. The thick crispy milky-crust was a palate pleaser!

This Hapen Cheese is supposed to be one of Katanashi’s best dishes too. Deep-fried Fish Cake filled with cheese, I was not convinced of its popularity.

That’s because my quarter did not contain any cheese… It was filled with air. BUT BUT BUT Katanashi’s other deep-fried and filled dishes did not disappoint and deserves as much credit.

Why this Curry Menchu Katsu does not get as much recognition beats me. Maybe because the description “minced pork meat cutlet and onion, cabbage with curry powder and cheese” does not sound appetizing. But I assure you this dish is delicious. The minced pork cutlet was crisp on the outside but perfectly juicy and tender within. Plus with the generous cheese oozing out when placed on our table, we were happy campers!  

Another must-order is this Potato Croquette filled with a thick wedge of camembert cheese. That’s it! From here on now, I am only going to eat Potato Croquette if it contains a satisfying brick of camembert cheese. I ain’t settling for anything less amazing.

From their specials menu, this Spring Rolls filled with a Korean Rice Cake each topped with Mentaiko was an interesting dish. Usually not a fan of the textureless rice cake, I liked the contrast of the crispy springroll skin. 

Our only main course for the evening was this disappointing Mentaiko Kimchi Udon. The anaemic-looking dish with the diluted kimchi sauce did not look or tasted appetizing. Honestly, I thought a wasteful stomach-filler. Should have gone for those Volcano rice bowls that every other table seemed to be savouring. Being different didn’t help me here.


Katanashi serves up another type of Fried Chicken: Katanashi Style fried Tabasaki!!! (Pardon the exclamation marks but this was such on the menu) Deep fried chicken wing dipped in special sauce, I ordered this hoping it will be like the Korean style fried chicken but no. It was dry and where’s the sauce?! Leave it to the Koreans to master saucy fried chicken.

Last but not least, from the special menu, this Fried Rice Ball filled with Unagi in a Dashi Broth. How unusual is this dish?! Sure, it was just one ball and difficult to split among four but it was a fine dish. The broth was light and fragrant, the unagi cubes tender.


Katanashi was so much fun. Every dish was surprising with its exciting contrast of textures and flavours. Sure, not every combination was a success but those that were, were first-bite magic. Plus they serve a great selection of Japanese beer. I foresee returning with different group of friends after a long week at work.

Latteria Mozarella Bar: Would Return Just For The Desserts

Southern Italian restaurant, Latteria Mozarella Bar, on Duxton Hill may boost their cheese specialty but it will be their desserts that will bring me back. Last night, between my two friends and I, we had THREE desserts: two Tipsy Tiramisu Cups and the Raspberry & Pistachio Meringue Cake. Considering the size of the Tiramisu “Cup”, we went to town with our sugar intake. We were definitely not proud of our glutton behaviour  last night. Since we are unable to control each other, we resorted to promising not to have dinner together until six months later. 

The Tipsy Tiramisu Cup was first-bite magic. One cup between three of us just seemed inadequate hence the second order. The creaminess paired with the seriously-boozy sponge fingers topped with the most generous Coco Powder ever, made for a highly addictive sweet ending to our meal. We also liked that the dessert was devoid of any sickening-sweetness. Every bite tasted so fresh and home-made. Every spoonful a perfect contrast of luscious mascarpone cream and soaked fingers.

Equally spectacular was the Raspberry & Pistachio Meringue Cake. If not for the waiter swearing by this dessert, we would not have considered it. A thick crunchy meringue disk topped with generous and whipped-like-air cream, fresh raspberries, whole toasted pistachios, and a tangy raspberry compote. We were enamored by the perfect contrast of tangy berry components and only-slightly-sweet meringue. Heavenly. 

The savouries were not poor but just not outstanding. Out of the four we shared, only one savoury was spectacular and warranted a return visit. The handsome Grilled Whole Seabass Amalfitina was marinated in a salty green pesto. A triumphant highly unusual marinade! Although the kitchen was a little heavy-handed with the seasoning. The fish was cooked to perfection. The flesh so juicy and sweet, it literally melted away from the bones. A couple more dollars more expensive than the other dishes in the same category, I reckon given the portion, the most value-for-money.

There was no doubt our single plate of pasta for the evening: Linguine with Crab & Mascarpone was delicious. Generous crab shreds with al dente pasta combined with a tomato mascarpone sauce was spot-on! But it lacked oomph.

However our two appetizers could have been better. The Deepfried Calamari with Mayo & Arrabbiata may have been fried to perfection with a still-juicy and crunchy squid. But it was the weak batter that fell away from the squid so easily and quickly that was my biggest gripe. This made me miss the Calamari Fritti from Mozza in Epicurean Market last September.

Our second appetizer, a mammoth Burrata with Sweet Peppers Peperonata did not live up to its description on the front glossary page. My third time having Burrata, it lacked a juicy creamy center I had twice earlier. However praises for the sweet peppers peperonata! If sweet peppers tasted like this naturally, I would have it daily. 

We had a lovely house White wine to go with our dinner. I say, order the mains but remember to save tummy space for the desserts. You won’t regret it. 

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Asia Square Tower: Raffles Place’s Gemstone

It must have been awhile since I dined in a fine-dining Chinese restaurant because there seems to be a particular dining procedure that will not sit well with hungry diners. Dishes will ONLY be served when ALL guests are seated. Satiate yourself with the candied sesame walnuts in the meantime. If Peking Duck has been ordered, the shiny crispy skin with pancakes will be served and enjoyed first as an appetizer. Thereafter the mains. Please bear in mind the duck needs time to be prepared. So the procedure last night went like this: 7pm – enter and sit down at the restaurant. 7:10pm – put down order. 7:50pm – last dining companion arrives, waitress promptly asked if dishes can be served? 7:58pm – hears tummy growling, looks at watch, asks for dishes to be served. Informed that Peking Duck takes time to be prepared and the rest will be served after the pancakes. Asks for others to be served at the same time, receive bewildered and ridiculous-request look. 8+ – dishes start flowing in… 

Of course, if you are pressed for time and waited a full hour for your food, you could always chase them to serve everything together. Peking pancakes and all. There might have been slight suffering but when the food arrived, we swiftly surrended to its goodness.   

Tucked in a corner of Asia Square Tower’s food court, Food Garden, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck’s offerings make it a gemstone in Raffles Place. Every dish was sublime: exquisite and supremely tasty. I am in awe. It was not my first Imperial Treasure Peking Duck experience but I do not remember the Paragon branch being as good as the dinner we had in Asia Square. If not for the wallet-busting $52 per pax bill last night, I reckon I will be a regular.

Here’s what we had last night. 

The star of the evening but not the best dish because every other was equally as good! Beijing Style/ Peking Duck Pancakes.

First up was the shiny crisp skin.


Then large pieces of the roasted fatty skin with some meat… Dunk it with the addictive thick sweet sauce provided and be prepared to swoon.


You will be asked how the roasted duck meat itself was to be prepared: we chose stir-fried black pepper with onions. You could request to be fried with carbohydrates too. Each chunk of duck meat was coated with a thick uber-peppery sauce. Perfect.


Double Roasted Meat Combination: Roast Pork Belly and Char Siew. Dunk the roast pork belly in the yellow mustard provided – heavenly. Both meat were equally juicy and every bite a joy. I was popping in those cubes of pork belly like popcorn.


This golden Salted Egg Yolk Squid rendered us speechless. Large pieces of snappy squid and not the least bit overcooked. Swathed in a thick salted egg yolk batter, such deep-fried goodness should be declared illegal!


Three individual portions of Steamed Egg White & Mixed Mushroom with Crab Meat were shared between the six of us. A surprisingly truffle taste hit us immediately beckoning the truffle-lover diners to squeal with joy.


I never knew Braised Beancurd with Mushroom & Oyster Sauce could be executed so well. Imperial Treasure definitely blew us away! Those were some silky smooth beancurd. 


For dessert: little dainty bowls of Sweetened Walnut Cream and Mango Sago with Pomelo. I am so embarrassed to admit that I have never had Chinese nut soup before. On first bite, the rich nuttiness tasted exactly like melted Skippy Peanut Butter. It was revelating and so so hard to stop at a scoop. Is it possible to fall in love with Peanut Butter again?! Yes because I sure did last night!


Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Asia Square is now ranked high on my list of “special places” in my heart. Unfortunately during this festive season, Dim Sum will not be served in the afternoons. Opportunity to savour their baked pork pastry shall have to be delayed until next month. Boo. 😦

Wingstop A No-Show, Tip Top To The Rescue and First-Bite Magic From Edith Patisserie

Last night was another edition of my firm’s fortnightly Associates’ Gathering! My colleagues were missing Fried Chicken so I had Wingstop all planned out. Four days before, a fairly large order on Foodpanda was placed and unlike my first time, I selected the Cash on Delivery option. Guess what? At 6pm, the star of the evening was a no-show! After a panic call to Foodpanda, I was informed my order was missed… Bleh. So I ran down to the basement of One Raffles Place and grabbed whatever fried food was available from Tip Top. Unbelievably at 6 plus in the evening, the display shelf was remarkably full. *phew* When I ran back up to my office with four boxes of fried grub (gosh, I will never forget the smell of overused oil…), guess what? Foodpanda called to say my Wingstop order was on the way… No, thank you. FYI, Chicken Up is now available on Foodpanda. Woopee to another fried chicken choice!

The savoury side may have been a letdown but the same cannot be said for the dessert from Edith Patisserie. At the risk of sound boastful, first LOOK at this cake…


Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake: Vanilla Sponge, bittersweet salted caramel, salted caramel buttercream topped with Garett’s CaramelCrisp Popcorn.

You got to admit, I knocked my ordering-street-cred out of the ballpark AGAIN!

Check out the neat layers and don’t get me started on the divine whipped buttercream…


However first-bite magic came from the Mini Creme Brulee Eclairs: Mini eclair filled with toasted custard filling, topped with crunchy caramel. The slab of crunchy caramel providing contrasting texture to the softly-whipped filling made all the difference in the world. I first ordered this in November last year together with the Chocolate flavour but this flavour registered deeply in me so a return order was essential!


How good were the eclairs? Last night, I did not see a single person who first bit into it and not declare how good it was.

And finally 16 mini assorted tarts because my dictionary only contains the word “VARIETY”. The Fresh Mango Passionfruit and the Chocolate Salted Caramel were heartbreakers.


Altogether my order from Edith Patisserie including delivery to the CBD area cost $140. And I am now stalking their website and Instagram account planning my next order…

Before I end off, here is another picture of the cake to drool over…


It’s Friday, guys! Hope you all have many delicious meals planned. Can’t wait to update you all on mine on Monday. 🙂

SPR MRKT Catering

Last night, I outdid myself again! Woohoo! Well, that’s what my colleagues declared when they saw the spread I ordered from SPR MRKT. I mean, just look at it. Won’t you be in awe too?


Some of you may already know I am my firm’s organizer of the Associates’ Gathering held fornightly. Firm gives me a generous budget and I scout for food to be delivered in at 6pm. An easy-peasy, fun job! The type of food is always junk food. The one and only time I ordered in Salad, NO ONE appreciated it; many boxes of salad were thrown away. It turns out everyone believes in the occasional indulgence.

You probably already know about SPR MRKT, a well-established cafe in Tanjong Pagar that combines cafe, art exhibition and grocery shop. Did you know they cater too? Last night, not only was the food superb and portions generous, the operational aspect was just as impressive! Delivery was on time, ample cutleries and plates were provided (brown take-away boxes included(!)). Plus there were sauces for each dish and clearly labelled. NEAT.


Now we move on to the foooooddddd…

There were three savouries and two desserts. First savoury was a special off-the-menu item: Grilled Teriyaki Pork Buns – mini deep-fried mantou buns sandwiched grilled pork belly in a teriyaki sauce. When I first this on Instagram, I immediately commented asking for this. And I SURE have good judgment when it comes to food; it was outstanding. (Of course, the same can’t be said about men but I’m working on it.) The expertly deep-fried Mantou buns were so fragrant and the pork belly impossibly tender – clear winner of the evening.


Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets with Thai Chilli Sauce: HUGE uber-crispy thick battered and moist chicken wings – a seemingly simple dish but delivered hugely in taste and execution. Respect.


Curly Fries accompanied by Tomato and Chilli sauces – addictive and a crowd-pleaser too! Good luck resisting these crunchy goodness. We went into caveman-mood by sticking our hands in and helping ourselves. No time for serving spoons.


For dessert, my collagues could choose between buttery freshly-baked-tasting Madelines; that still tasted great the next morning, …


Or the legendary SPRMini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce. Those who have visited the cafe were squealing at the sight of these minis. To say they were superb is just unkind. The luxurious Vanilla sauce were simply decadent.


But why choose either when you could have both?!

The spread was meant to feed 22 persons. Well, as my colleague said, 22 people till they explode! More than 30 of us were filled to the brim last night. Happy excited faces were aplenty! And for those who don’t do dinners (me), the brown take-away boxes came in VERY handy. 😉


Less than an hour after the end of the gathering, I found myself scrolling through the cafe’s Instagram feed making tough choices for my next order. Thank you SPR MRKT for taking good care of us and making me the most popular person in the office. 😉