[New York] Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Bacon for Appetizer, Steak for Main Course

Not to be confused with Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was opened by Wolfgang Zwiener, a former headwaiter at Peter Luger for over 40 years. There may be 12 locations of the steakhouse around the world but Wolfgang’s ain’t no chain. Its’ quality is evidenced by its repeated appearances on Best Steakhouses in New York lists. When the same friend, who insisted I […]

SPR MRKT Catering: Quality Over Quantity

Last night it was another fortnightly session of Associates Gathering in my office. I was most looking forward to this particular session as SPR MRKT was delivering their newest goods. Some of you may know they cater to this event frequently. At every session, I become the most popular colleague for that evening! It helps with my self-esteem, I am not going to lie. Last night I was hoping to repeat the “glory” and sure enough, SPR MRKT nailed it.

Unlike the previous menus, this menu was a succinct two savouries and two desserts. That’s because the two savouries were higher-priced and you will see, less grubby. Featuring new items from their baby sister, Koskos Café, I could not resist the Crayfish Rolls with Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli and Sriracha Shrimp Paste Chicken with Slaw in a Waffle Cone. Yes, for reals, a waffle cone!  For desserts, two cakes: Double Fudge Chocolate and Coconut Carrot with Butterscotch Frosting. What I love most about SPR MRKT, and the main reason I keep going back to them, spot-on seasoning! It is never under-salted or overwhelming so. The flavourings always balanced. At the end of yesterday evening, my colleagues surprised me by not complaining about the small quantity. In fact they all agreed quality over quantity. I think that means, no more grubby food, we want those crayfish rolls again!

Without further ado, let me show you the spread that made me so popular last night:

Look how the Sriracha Shrimp Paste Chicken with Slaw in a Waffle Cones were delivered…

My colleagues were surprised when they first saw this. “How does one eat this?!” Well, like an ice-cream. It was a delicious fusion take on our beloved Tze Char classic. And the whole cone was filled with juicy fried chicken thigh.

Crayfish Rolls with Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli was the winner of the evening. Check out those scorched marks! I did not see a single person stop at one roll…

For desserts: two perfectly portioned cakes.

The Double Chocolate Fudge Cake was soo rich, just a slice single-handedly took them down. The Coconut Carrot with Butterscotch Frosting was a different story. Think bits of coconut in every bite of the tender carrot sponge with the subtle butterscotch frosting providing another flavour hit. This cake is officially my favourite. I loved every bite of it! Let it sit out at room temperature for a tender texture but at fridge-cold, the flavours are more pronounced.


Can’t wait for more marvellous spread from the ever-reliable SPR MRKT/ Koskos!

Catering by Shelter In the Woods: W.O.W.

Have you guys heard of Shelter In the Woods? Well, I did not until last night. At a networking session held by Lexus at its car showroom on Leng Kee Road, the restaurant catered all the grub. When the emcee first announced dinner was to be provided by Shelter In the Woods, my immediate thought was a hipster cafe. And so it couldn’t be all that good. Yours truly, the country bumpkin, could not be more wrong! From the Canapes provided throughout the evening to the little plates of main course, every dish was excellent. I also learnt during the evening that a dinner at the restaurant was not cheap: around $80 per pax. That’s fine-dining! No wonder the food that evening was so luxe. Check it out. 

We began with Canapes. My girlfriends were killing it! The deep-fried prawn dumpling with a whole prawn was the favourite of the lot.

For dinner: Roast Pork. Each plate comprised of two types of pork: shredded pork shoulder with cubes of crispy pork belly accompanied by smooth mashed potatoes and wedges of grilled pineapples. Impressive! I spent a good part of the evening promoting this dish.

Roast Beef. Two tender pink slices of roast beef with a mini Yorkshire Pudding (so cute!) and grilled vegetables. This was very popular.

On another table, Sesame & soy glazed Chicken Drumlets. Superbly crisp and juicy, I had to pull myself away from this spread before I grabbed a third.    

The little plates were too cute! Wonderfully attractive presentation.

For dessert: the plumpest, most robust Rose Macarons I have ever seen in my life. If you are into Rose flavour, you would have adored these.

Mini Choux Puffs.

What a surprising wonderful evening. Test-drove two cars then ate a scrumptious dinner with tons of bubbly. Thanks Lexus!