Naughty Nuri’s: So Expensive But So Good! 

Naughty Nuri’s is so damn expensive but their ribs are so damn good. Since my last visit, the price of a whole rack of ribs went up by $2.10 to $38.90. A 5.7% increase beating our 2% national inflation. Champions. But the increase is not as painful as the half rack ($19.80 to $24.90 – 25%!).

This afternoon, despite the unscrupulous price increase, we went back and the pork ribs were still as luscious and flavourful as before. Divine.

If not for the steep close-to-$40, we would have gladly ordered another full rack.

Another must-order dish is the Iberico Pork Chops accompanied with pickled vegetables- a lunch special for $19+. Boneless and topped with salsa, Nuri’s signature kechap manis drowned the fork-tender pork that rendered everyone weak in the knees.

Given the steady increase in prices, I wonder at what point will we throw in the towel and decide divine pork ribs are just not worth the hole in the wallet?

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