Bangkok in a Nutshell

Nephew, Russell, and I on the minivan.

My short Bangkok trip was a whirlwind of food and shopping. Hitting up most of the popular malls such as Platinum, Siam and Siam Paragon, Centralworld, Terminal 21; I was thrilled with Thai fashion and could not resist purchasing from several of the local brands. Thai design can be distinguished from their unabashed use of whimsical prints featuring lots of unicorns, clouds, flowers, scribblings and animals of all sorts. There was even a top my Mum purchased featuring a huge drawing of a girl that was printed on a shirt. Then there was the well-cooked, well-seasoned food present in all cuisines. The affordability added to the satisfication of every meal. I still long for the Four Seasons roasted duck rice and steamboat with all the fish paste varieties from MK Restaurant.

Three nights, two hotels. On the third night, I was fortune enough to stay in the W Hotel Bangkok. Avant gande hotel brand, not quite a luxurious stay. Neon lights present through the hotel, and the clubbing music playing all day in the lift and lobby proved to be a headache for me after just a day.

The best part of the trip: quality time with my family. Four days immersed wholly in their company. Early morning rise, munching on bread bought the night before in the supermarket when it was on discount, and catching on the world events through CNN, BBC and Channel Newasia. We watched these channels in the three days more than we ever did back home in Singapore. Much laughter I can only remember now. It was an unforgettable trip that has left us wanting for more. March 2014, Bangkok, we have a date. Read More »

Thai Airways

Boarding the plane in Changi Airport

Back from Bangkok and never before have I ever been so thrilled with an airline. Thai Airways could not have prepared me for my Thai holiday on a better note. The brand new plane with its shiny seats, amazing in-flight entertainment system with its pletheora of recent movies and episodes of popular TV, but best of all, the delicious Thai food, which turned out to be the only Thai food I had during my entire trip. Yes, in Bangkok, I did not have Thai food but no regrets as the Chinese, Japanese, and fast food were all so satisfying. I watched the first installment of The Hunger Games on both trips. The short flight meant I had to split the movie into half, and thanks to the fast forwarding button seen on so many airlines now, that was possible. Having tasted the good food going there, I deliberately skipped meals going back home so that I could eat my fill on the plane.

Stellar in-flight entertainment system.

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