Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails, Potato Head Folk

Much positive words have been said about Three Buns Burgers (“TBB”) so I am going to jump on the bandwagon and harp on about its deliciousness. Last night’s dinner was my second trip to TBB.

My first visit was on their opening day and I had the best time. I was so eager to try this place I rounded up some of my colleagues at 6pm and we rushed down for dinner. We were so desperate to try the burgers, we did not bother trying to get a table on the second floor and just stood at a table under the vent. It was terribly smoky but the food was so worth it. I had a bite each of my friends’ bugers: Four Floors and The Roots. I swear I went through a moment of revelation. Both bites were DELICIOUS! Juicy succulent burgers with the juice dripping down our hands. Scrumptious! The same goes for their Naughty and House Fries. And DONT get me started on their Wings… Saucy, tender, devilishly good! I really think the food was so worth the pain from a juice cleanse the next day.

Anyone on my second trip last night, I successfully persuaded my girl friend to celebrate her birthday there. Having opened for close to a month, I was eager to see if the “magic” I felt the first time round was still present.

Today I am more than happy to report back I felt the same revelation from my first visit. The best part was my friends feeling the same too! On this visit, I had the Honky Tonk: buttermilk fried chicken, coleslaw, lettuce, hot sauce & den miso mayo. Check out the burger! How inviting does that look?! A whole fried chicken leg “patty” peeking out underneath the golden slightly-charred sesame bun commanding me to take one big bite into it. I humbly obeyed.


And when you do bite into it, the balanced contrasting textures and flavour will surprise you. The buttermilk fried chicken is unsurprisingly crispy on the outside but the inside, oh WOW OH WOW! It was so juicy and tender! That fluffy grilled bun… oh if you only knew the JOY I felt inside! The lettuce brought an appreciative lightness to the sinful chicken and bun but that thick studded-mayo just negated all healthiness of it.

I am so tempted to call this the best burget I ever had but there is still the lamb burger on the menu which I can’t wait to try.


Of course, not forgetting the fries… I had to get both fries on the menu for my friends to try. The House Fries, plain but double fried was less stunning than my first experience however the thick potato-y texture of each stick made it a solid fry – definitely no thin sticks in sight.

The Naughty Fries, on the other hand, was BETTER this time round. There were more beef and bearnaise sauce atop the thick cut fries. Each fry also seemed to be more conscientiously shaved or sliced, every fry was very even. My friends could not stop raving about this dish.


The best part of the evening was how unabashedly we picked up the burgers and ate with our hands despite the messiness. Getting our hands soiled with greese and cheese was definitely the best and only way to enjoy the burgers.


I would just like to mention about the little unpleasant experience that evening, we asked for a birthday candle and when they said they did not have, we left it at that. But after dinner, a little chocolate pudding dessert, which we did not order, with a lighted candle stuck on it was served to us. We were surprised and quite touched by the service until we saw the bill and they had charged us for the pudding! Not wanting to ruin the evening, we did not pursue further but this little move was rather scheming. We did not plan on having desserts as we were satisfied with the sweet drinks. But please bear in mind when you next visit.