[New York] Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Bacon for Appetizer, Steak for Main Course

Not to be confused with Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was opened by Wolfgang Zwiener, a former headwaiter at Peter Luger for over 40 years. There may be 12 locations of the steakhouse around the world but Wolfgang’s ain’t no chain. Its’ quality is evidenced by its repeated appearances on Best Steakhouses in New York lists. When the same friend, who insisted I […]

Morton’s Steakhouse: Woah, What Happened? 

I love loved Morton’s Steakhouse. Widely considered as a reliable venue for the finest dining experience in Singapore, I dreamt about its good hunky American steaks for years now. Until last Saturday. Since then I have been wondering constantly: whatever happened to the steakhouse? How did it get so bad?   Prior to my visit last Saturday, I have […]

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

I passed my Bar exams last Friday! So a family treat to a steakhouse was in order because nothing says “celebration” like a good hunking piece of steak! This ultra special occassion meant it couldn’t be just any random steakhouse. It had to be one that must be reputable AND open on a Sunday afternoon because the Chen-family don’t do heavy dinners.

After much thought and research, it had to be Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse. The other steakhouses in Singapore like Morton’s and Bedrock do not open for lunch service on Sundays. Plus I have already been to those two many times so they no longer screamed “special”. Ruth Chris and Cut steakhouses were out of my budget (I am saving that for promotion to senior positions ;)) Wooloomooloo steakhouse was low on my list, twice I have been, twice I left unimpressed. Plus they had some annoying and restrictive Sunday Brunch menu for $68++ per person. Forget it! So Bistecca, it was and lucky lucky us because it was a very good choice! The hulk of a steak we ordered was simply divine. The other food we had was equally as delicious. The Chen-family left the restaurant thrilled and so satisfied!

The best part of Bistecca was not only were there magnificent steak options on the menu, there were also pastas (which I had been craving for) and pretty unusual ones too. That afternoon, my family allowed me to order WHATEVER I wanted. Arh, freedom is sweet! so I got for us three pastas for starters, a 1.1kg Costata steak for our mains plus four sides dishes to compliment the beef, and some desserts. It was a good afternoon.

Annoyingly, I deleted some photos thinking I uploaded them onto this site but did not. The lost pictures are: Crema di Spinaci: Cream of Spinach with home-made spicy sausage, Patata: Tuscan fries rosemary crushed garlic, Beetroot Salad with Aged Ricotta, and the desserts: Tiramisu and Chocolate Tart. But without further ado, here are some pictures which I kept to lust after for weeks to come…

For starters: Warm Focaccia bread with Olive oil. Our meal started off on a very good note with these pillowy-soft bread baked in house. It must have been clear we thoroughly enjoyed it for the waiter happily brought us a new tray even before we finished the two on our tables. Yay to great service!


Our first pasta for starters: Orecchiette in a Parsley Pesto, Roasted Prosciutto, Cherry Tomato, Pecorino Cheese and Vernaccia. It was the roasted proscuitto that called out to me. When this plate arrived, I was delighted to not see a green cheese-rich pesto. The orecchiette was wonderfully al dente.


Second pasta: Coniglio: Tagliatelle with Rabbit Ragout, pancetta and wild mushrooms. At first I was disappointed to see a dry-looking pasta land on our table but my disappointment was uncalled for for the ultra tender and juicy rabbit was just so freaking palatable. Very impressive.


Third pasta and starter: Granchio: Squid Ink Tagliolini with crab, fennel, chili and lemon


Now on to the most important part of lunch and only point of our presence in Bistecca,

1.1kg Costata, Wagyu F1 bone-in rib eye, MBS 6+


This is was pure joy. There was so much lucious meat! Arriving evenly sliced up, every piece was pink and juicy within, charred and crispy on the edges – so worth every penny of mine.


Unabashedly, I grabbed an extremely rare piece, and another that was pure F.A.T. The pure fat piece was rich and so so soft. I felt like I was floating on clouds the entire time it was in my mouth. It was the stuff made of dreams, y’all!

And the meatiness continued even between the huge bone. This saw my Dad and I having the time of our lives tearing off the meat because we firmly believe that’s where the tenderest pieces are.

I knew it was worth it when my family was still talking about it a day later; we all could not get enough of it! I firmly believe another visit will happen very very soon.


Three sauces were served alongside the magnificent meat; Salsa verde, Gorgonzola with mascarpone fresh herb, and Pepper with Balsamic reduction. They were not very memorable but then again, with the 1.1kg piece of meat, it was hard to remember anything else.

Asparagi: Charcoal grilled asparagus


This was highly recommended on the internet and rightly so. Each asparagus were large and sturdy looking to the point of SOLID. Smoky and cooked through but still retained a bite – it was a very luxurious asparagus!

The desserts were also not very memorable but I love this place! I came for steak and Bistecca delivered with aplomb! What else could I have asked for?!